The Wise, the Intelligent and the Fool.

The Wise, the Intelligent and the Fool.

The mood set in by loneliness in the Apartment in Salmiya, Kuwait appears to have reformed me to philosophical, contemplative temperament. I cannot refer to loneliness alone for the shift from laziness to pensiveness. The shift in mood has also been due to the news from home about the illness of my mother. I was too homesick to sleep for a few days. I was at a loss and suffocated by my incapacity in getting my mom on the phone. For a while I even cursed the moment wherein I had chosen to decide about the Kuwait journey. I thought my presence might have led to her early recovery. See friends, I was in a fix as I couldn’t fly home all on a sudden since the return ticket was on 8th of May and I was otherwise  positively bound to discharge the official duty assigned to me by my employer.

This is the time for a bit of philosophical rumination. My mind is preoccupied with ideas on wisdom, intelligence and idiocy. The ideas do not come on their own abruptly in a flash or like a lightning from the heavens. The ideas are formed as seeds…on appropriate terrain it sprouts, grows up into a tree with flowers, fruits which are yet again ready to deliver seeds… The movement is cyclic though the individual entities change. Nature always is cyclic as our own planet which has got an oval shape. Without taking a U-turn we can ultimately come to the point wherefrom we had started. In other words, the starting point and the destination point can be one and the same.

Then what is the soil on which the ideas eventually have dropped on! I really have taken note from my own experience that I am not seriously received by others; I mean according to the merit and desert I think I am eligible for. For example, whenever I use to warn my friends or relatives about the repercussions of taking a particular step they are ordinarily to brush aside my advice. They take the other route and on many occasions they are found to meet with hardships. I have only sympathy for those who disregard me. I am though not happy with their acrimony to me on account of their failures, which were wholly irrespective of me and principally respective of them. With every such mishap and failure they become more and more inimical, as if I were responsible for their misfortunes. In no way was I responsible for their falls. I from my experiences or from the experiences of others have learnt good and bitter lessons of life. These experiences and the lessons therefrom I think I have come to be less foolish. I never though claim myself as wise as only the fools think that they are wise. I am more commonsensical than I was, say, before a decade. I will never claim that I have the rare excellence of commonsense inherent in me. I also hold the view that “common” sense indeed is a rare virtue.

The faculty of predicting the future problems of a particular step is not god given or supernatural. It is, conversely, due to the strength of experiences and the lessons I have learnt therefrom. Then, if so how could I harness the horse of experiences and derive and acquire the rare faculty. Yes I will say: By being silent, listening, memorizing (not mechanical, like a parrot) and by practicing. What I refuse and am reluctant to do is teaching others the lessons I have learnt. I cannot teach lessons of life. One has to undergo himself/herself through the heat and fire, the very ordeal. Only that will bring about the change for the better. Advice is the last option as it is the most hated thing for too many. Of course I do give advices sometimes as clues to avoid future problems for the benefit of the receivers, especially when they are the intimate, close-to-heart ones, despite the invariable aftermath of me becoming the victim of my own good intentions.


As a rule, I am not predisposed to making watertight divisions about human conduct and realities of life, in general. Anyhow, referring to the foregoing paragraph I am venturing to deviate from my nature. I am to make a broad (never watertight!) classification between the Wise, the Intelligent and the Simpleton! The persons who learn lessons from the experience of others is a wise person; the persons who learn experiences from his own experiences are intelligent persons; and those persons who are not even able to learn any lesson from their own experiences are indeed fools! This is not a watertight compartmentalization. Still it is an indicator to fix one’s status.

The reality of life is that no one has walked on earth without falling. Humans have learnt the faculty of standing erect and walking through many a fall. That is why they say, “Failures are Pillars of Success”. Hence, listen silently, patiently, memorize what you have listened to, put into practice the lessons you have learnt from your experience and of the ones of others as well. If you have passed out all the stages successfully you ultimately are qualified to teach the lessons of life to others.

Advice? Me? Yes: why not!

“Never ignore clues, namely, the indicators and signals on the road.”

“Never blame the Postman for a bad letter.”





Statutory Warning!

Statutory Warning!

I was awaiting the digital announcement in the LED light box for the final call to board the Jet Air bound for Kuwait, at the ChatrapatiShivaji International Airport in Mumbai, which was scheduled to depart at 5.55 pm on 10th April, 2016. I had undergone the emigration procedure and checking in time. I had no stress to board the plane bound to Kuwait where I am deputed by my office to conduct examinations. The announcement flashed in digital lights and I shot up and joined the queue, in no time. The airport was in silent mode to reduce sound pollution. To my surprise I found myself the last one in the queue, despite all my vigilance.

We all moved slowly to the Jet Air and climbed up into the craft. It was quite a big one. There were small T.V’s (or Tabs?) in front of every seat. As usual the crew members, one male and the other female, beautifully and graciously performed their safety demonstration. I fastened the seat belt as the plane was about to take off. For the first time I was to travel beyond the barriers of my mother India. I saw the mansions, the skyward flats, and the slums beneath…The hell and the heaven mixed up….The beauty and ugliness of Mumbai was visible from the heights. The urban scenes gave way to blue waters. Yes, I was over the seas and I need just cross over it to reach the Gulf. The plane took a firm forward punch. The altitude was shown as above 10 K.M. The temperature was around minus fifty. All this was quite new  knowledge to me.

The plane appeared to have settled in regard to its altitude. It flashed fast, though it appeared motionless. I saw clouds moving past me. The earth with its greenery and waters was not visible to our naked eyes. The crew seemed in a hurry to finish their work early…A bonny, long, lean lass came through the alley, serving food. I just made a survey of the two passengers who had sat on my either side. The one on the left seemed to me having the mannerisms of a Keralite. To verify my surmise I asked him where he was from. His reply was in Trissur Malayalam. “ Sir, I am from Mala and my name is Biju”. Without any further introduction he asked me if I would take liquor. I said,” Once in a bluemoon, Yes…” “Sir, The girl serves liquor to passengers, Smirnoff, sir, Smirnoff!” he said. He went on to ask me if I was not taking liquor let him have my share too. On this I had my mind taking a U-turn. Though I was really not prepared to consume liquor, I began to rethink as and when he had asked for my share. I was not to let him have my share. “Nay man, I too want a peg”, I said. He helped me with getting the liquor with sprite. For the second time he went upto the crew girl with request for another peg…He had one peg in my name too. I gave him half of my second peg. I just drank it up in one motion…Mind my friends, I was without food quite for a long time. The liquor had begun to show its character. I was in hilarious mood. I and Biju began to talk louder. We shared our views; we had become friends as if of very long acquaintance. I was still sober to realize that liquor was the real socialist who had the power to merge gaps and inequalities in society. Had I and Biju remained there sans taking liquor, we would have kept our tongue-tied till the very end of the journey.

After liquor we were supplied with many other delicious dishes, the tastes of them were not felt exactly… There were the dessert, the salad of fruits and vegetables and beverages too. The liquor, the food, the Air Condition all had caused my brains to take a blissful sojourn in the lap of nap. The announcement for landing precautions roused me from the slumber. The plane touched the land with a big roaring din. I am about to land on a foreign land for the first time in my life! Immediately on arrival I went upto the queue to collect my luggage. I was there for one hour to reach the counter. When I reached there I was told to first get my VISA first. I went to collect the VISA and I got it stamped for immigration by the Kuwaity authorities. I had many doubts in my mind. Hesitantly I asked the Kuwaity woman in the counter regarding the next steps. The woman looked up with scorn and I think she had softly muttered, “out”. I had the first incident of humiliation on a foreign soil. I felt the same feeling as Gandhiji had felt at the Pretoria railway station when he was thrown out from the train because of being an Indian, a coloured man. For getting my luggage I had again to stand in the queue for yet another hour. By the time Mr. Tanveer who had come to the Airport got upset for not having any word from me. My friend Hareesh also was there.

I went out of the Airport which was never a match to the one in Mumbai. MrTanveer and Harish were together awaiting me and were relieved to see me. Harish gave me 100 Kuwaiti Dinar for incidental expenses as I had only Indian currency with me. I and Harish bade adieu with promise to meet in week-end. I went with Tanveer by car to my lodgings. As soon as I reached the room I had rushed into the bathroom to vomit whatever I had taken in the plane. The salad, the rice, the dessert, the beverages all went out. I thought I would die as never had I in my life vomited. As for me vomiting seemed impossibility prior to this. I vomited and vomited till nothing remained in my stomach. The nausea was there still. I was curious to see Mr. Tanveer off. He went out in confusion. I was relieved that now I could vomit unseen and unnoticed… Again and again I vomited. I felt penitent for taking the one and a half peg of Smirnoff. I could have given that to Biju. I did not give it to him maybe because I had a feeling that it was my rightful due and that I should not part with that. I was also learning from this experience that whatever was given for free or on discount should not be taken for granted unless and until I really was in need of it. The liquor alone might not have led to this plight; there could be other reasons too…

From the above narration you are not to have the misconception that I drink occasionally. Of course I do not drink occasionally. I drink only once in a blue moon! By this bitter experience with liquor I am further gone farther from liquor. The warning, ’liquor is injurious to health’ is not merely letters of ritualistic, statutory character; conversely it is literally true that liquor is really injurious to health. I am looking forward to a world sans liquor… Intoxication has to really come from within, from one’s own inner self, as everybody has the innate potential to experience the Spiritual Intoxication. You need just to allow the mind to avail the time for fermentation with patience. You will be rewarded.



If there is a desire there is bound to have a way to fulfill it. A desire shall never be allowed to tone up to the extremity of an infatuation. Even without getting to the disturbing level of obsession, I am endowed with the bounty I may not even deserve. I am given more than my due. I am not avaricious, though I do not hesitate to take whatever comes to me naturally. Others may term it as lack of direction, but I prefer to call it the faith in fate. I am patient and willing to wait for the opportune moment to fulfill my desires as and when they come by, one by one. With this patient waiting the fate rewards me chances slowly but surely. Fate is not an antagonist; conversely it is a protagonist, at least as for me. So you may ask the question, ‘then you have no role to play in your selection of choices (chances)?’ Yes, I do take the necessary steps as soon as the fate shows the all-important clue to proceed with the chance. I never show my back to the clue of fate. This has rescued me a lot from committing blunders, falling in pitfalls. This permanent, patient, alert, vigilant waiting for the clues of fate has rewarded me with umpteen opportunities as well.Hence, as for me fate is both corrective and progressive a force to reckon with, for accomplishing a fruitful life.

Going abroad and that too airborne had been my cherished dream for quite a long time. I have accidentally struck with the chance of going abroad by air. See the felicity of Fate in fetching me the coveted chance! I never snatch a chance from the hands of Fate; conversely chances are handpicked for me by fate from time to time. Lo! Listen to me for a while how the vicissitudes of Fate converge upon someone like me, in what all strange ways!!!In my office as I was searching for the examination results of the students, I came across the University order inviting willingness for deputation to international off campus centres to conduct examinations in the Gulf region. It was 4.15 pm, and that I had to personally hand over the willingness to the concerned office before 4.45. I got a print out and filled within no time, got the counter signature of my superior. Only 25 minutes to cover 10 K.M. It is not possible by bus. To my pleasant surprise I saw Somanathan Sir about to leave. I ran unto him and he showed great interest in taking me to the destination. Later my willingness got accepted and I was able to leave for Kuwait on 10th April 2016 from Cochin Airport at 9.05 am.

Lo! See me standing there in the majestic Cochin International airport sans any idea or knowledge about the etiquettes and formalities of air travel! Of course I had to yield to nervousnessa bit, the nervousness in the anticipation of the unknown. Fortunately, there was nothing untoward; the checking was hassle free and it passed off smoothly as the personnel there were all cordial. The transit from one counter to the other was so natural that I could not feel stress of any degree. As I had heard the final call to proceed to board the flight, my heart beat began to mount. After I got in it got subsided to normalcy. The safety demonstration of the crew was lively and gracious. It did make my mind calm. I fastened the belt. I expected I would be given cotton to stop my ears. But nothing happened. I was expecting some bitter nausea like experience during takeoff and while climbing up the burgeoning heights. Within a few minutes the plane was at an altitude of 3 K.M. After some time it climbed up to 7-8K.M. altitude. I checked with the temperature, it was below -3o. I was warned about the cloud collision, but fortunately I experienced none. To speak the truth I had no experience of air sickness and I found it a pleasurable experience altogether.

One more thing I have to tell. The Jet Air flight was not a direct one to Kuwait. It was a domestic one taking me first to Mumbai. In the meantime the crew member gave me breakfast with dish including sambar-vada, salad, tea, biscuits etc. I was prepared to take a peg, if it was for free…I did not see them provide liquor, anyhow. I found it too difficult to dine with fork and knife. Still somehow I could take food using them in a messy manner. The announcement for landing had resounded in my ears. The plane landed exactly at 11.05 a.m.with a thundering sound and it sped fast through the runway quite some distance. I was there at the ChatrapatiShivaji International Airport in Mumbai for the first time. It looked quite stupendous in size and looks. It was neat, silent and smooth to walk around. The connection flight was to take off only at 5.55 p.m. I was nervous about spending the long time and also about the emigration procedure. I left everything for fate but with constant vigilance on the clues emanating from the Goddess of Fate. The airport was so ravishing to the eyes that the time for the connection flight looked not enough to completely relish its grandeur. I spent the time in such a worthwhile and pleasant way that I could not even reach at the right time for checking and emigration clearance. I was ready and waiting curiously for my second journey on air and of course my maiden international areal excursion!

Anyone reading my post is likely to wonder why I attach this much importance to my maiden flight journey to a foreign country. The fact of the matter of attaching this much importance is thanks to the reality that unless I have travelled this time I would not have travelled abroad in the near future.  Now I believe that this is a good beginning that will take me to the better ends…I am patiently, vigilantly awaiting, listening to the clues of fate to avail the next bounty or to avert the next heartbreak as these clues could turn out to be the turning point in life.


The Difference between 25 and 52.

In the misty midnight hour I entered the train unceremoniously and alone. Everyone inside stared at me as if a lone traveler were unwelcome to everyone. Everyone had at least one seer off at the railway station, though I had none. Hence the queer treatment. Everyone seemed to have a notion that a lone traveler is a forlorn one who had no dear ones to love….that he was a drunkard or a thief. Nay, dear ones! I have a family at home who was discouraged by me to prolong or drag the seeing-off to the railway station…instead I preferred one at the doorsteps of my dear home where there was warmth, love and the pain of separation. The boredom of awaiting the delayed train would have made everyone uneasy and the warmth would have evaporated and restlessness would have overpowered. So dear friends I never liked to prolong the seeing-off beyond the door steps of my dear home. I advise you to follow suit.
My unwelcome coming into the coach cast a solemn silence all over. But the silence of that moment was overtaken by yet another perplexing spectacle. One fair lady had come in alone and there was none to see her off. The focus of attention shifted to that woman. I was relieved and curious at once. I too began to think like others thought about me a little while ago…” why is she alone? Is she married? If so where is her husband?…”My thoughts had no limits. Straightaway she began preparations to sleep. She lay on the lower birth just close to mine. My heart began to beep louder..I feared someone, especially the fair one, would hear my heartbeats. She took the opposite position facing my legs, but a few minutes later she changed position to occupy a face-to-face posture with mine. Now I had a clear view of her visage. It was strange, though not as fair as the body shape had suggested. A smile was lingering on her lips…I caught it before it fell waste. We found each other the image of one in the other. I lay there in that position for a very long time. Neither she nor she slept.
There was silence which spoke volumes. I knew what was going through her mind… and of course I thought she too had the same thoughts flashing through her mind. Still could not verify her marital status. Whether she was a student or a professional? I had no clue.. Her appearance and looks predicted none. Thinking, sweating, sighing, we both had had a sleepless night. A few of the passengers were curiously kept awake by us to know about the outcome of our body language. Like us they too had no result in the end, except the weariness of insomnia.
In the small hours of the morning I noticed a smile, an inviting one on her lips through the dim light. I mustered courage to reciprocate but it ended up in a tragic grimace. I was desperate to waste a whole night in sheer sleeplessness. Yet another hour passed uneventfully and there was sun in the east. It was time for me to alight. Mustering courage I put a question regarding her place. She replied, ‘Oh, I am from Kochin’… I asked where she was going to. ‘To New Delhi to join my daughter who was recently married’. I was surprised to hear that she was a mother-in-law as she had visage of a pretty young woman. I went on asking her personal questions about her family. I could know from her that her hubby was an acquaintance of me. On knowing all this all my initiative and warmth were solidified. I had a prick of conscience in entertaining amorous musing… I thought it better not to have asked for her whereabouts. Of course I did not reveal the matter of my acquaintance with her man. Hence she was as free and expressive as she was before. Still I took a U-turn.
The above episode took place in my mid-twenties, before my marriage, when I was on a trip to New Deihi to attend an interview. The sour memory of that episode revisited me during my recent train journey. This time I was in the uncertain age of 52 and I was cautious not to lose my sleep and not to shoot up my blood pressure over a woman who took my adjacent birth. See the difference between 25 and 52….Have I turned wiser or have I turned a coward over the years ?

A LURID LAST NIGHT.(5TH JAN 2013) Written on 6th January, 2013…8.35 am.

A LURID LAST NIGHT.(5TH JAN 2013) Written on 6th Jan.2013…8.35 am.
The last night was lurid. For a moment I felt that last night was my very last night. It was lurid in the sense that it was awesome and horrendous. I was late to bed yesternight. And you may know that whenever I am late to bed I am not used to have a genial night. Last night I had had a severe attack of insomnia. I had no escape from its relentless clutches. The more I tried the deeper my powerlessness to delve deep into the blissful state. I have a feeling that the mind does not come to the errands of effort. Mind flows effortlessly. I like a fool tried to bring my mind to the preferred path. It stood obstinate like an unyielding horse, unwilling to obey its inexperienced new master. The most beloved thing on earth for me looked like the evasive sleep. The insomnia appeared to me more agonizing than the pain of a pining lover. To be brief I have to admit that last night was a night sans sleep.
But why! The reason may be trivial for you..and Lo!for me too it seems trivial now. Nevertheless the reason seemed a life and death problem during the last night. My mind was restless about the huge debt I was in. Yesterday I was on a picnic with my brother and company to the mountain ranges in the surroundings. On the way I called at the plot in Peermade which I purchased a few years back at an exorbitant price. In those days everybody including me thought that the price was reasonable. Now it is deeply felt that the price was foolishly exorbitant. I had an unfailing conviction that I am a person who uses never to commit foolhardy mistakes in life. I thought so because I had no avarice for easy money. The act of buying 10 cent plot in Peermade may be an act of exception unbecoming of my nature as I analyze it now. There indeed I too might have a longing for easy money through real estate. All my longings were frustrated by the descend of real estate market. The price plummeted rather unexpectedly. That had poured cold water on to my real estate enthusiasm.
The agony in the mind during the last sleepless night got hold of my very heart-beat. I thought it would stop abruptly. Where had gone all my courage, I exclaimed. Had it been day time I would not have perspired that much. I use to advise others not to panic about loss of money saying that money will come and money will go…that health is more significant than wealth…that if health is lost everything is lost. Here I know that it is easy to advise others and too difficult to implement it oneself. The agony of the restless mind began to get hold of the delicate body, especially the most delicate organ, the heart. I felt a physical pain somewhere in my heart, triggered by the pain of the mind. For a moment I wondered whether the body and the mind were one and the same thing. A pain in mind causing a physical pain in the very core of the body. Of what stuff is the mind made of! Is it heart or is it brain?
One single unknown person is responsible for my insomnia and stress. To speak the truth all my real estate ambitions were upset by a man whom I met near my plot. He demoralized me and all my high spirits touched the nadir point. He insulted me with his unsympathetic words, “only a fool will buy this waste land for such exorbitant price!” I did not like the insinuation and the imputation underlying in that word. My ego was wounded and the words had hit where the speaker wanted to hit. I retorted, ‘ man, last year a group of Sabarimala pilgrims really offered a handsome price for the land.” The man was not in a mood to let me off that easily. He said, ‘If so I must see the simpleton who had offered that much money for this worthless barren land.” He only wanted to irritate me and demoralize me. He was more than successful in doing so. The man had made a few negative remarks and I rather easily fell a prey to his foul intentions. He might have some scheme to buy my land for a cheap price or that he may be a broker. The man had made my mind sick and I could not escape for the whole last night from the thoughts of the huge loss of money at a time when I was really in need of a huge amount. Had I not gone for the real estate business I would not have been in a financial crunch. I am now convince about the power of words though spoken casually even by a stranger. The speaker had walked off silently though the hearer had languished the whole night awaiting restlessly to see the rising sun.


The trains of India are running filth, spreading people and diseases all over India. I usually do not prefer train journey due to the dirt deposited in it. The train journey from Palakkad to Kottayam, the other day, underscored my desperation yet again. The platform was stenching to heavens. My spouse and daughter sat irritably due to the foul smell.Of course, the smell was unbearable to anyone, still it seemed to me that they had femininely overreacted. Sometimes we have to bear with the dirt of our surroundings. Instead of irritably stopping the nose we have to stop the piling up of dirt around us. Not only that we are not cleaning our surroundings we also are not even grateful to the personnel who do the work of disposing the dirt.We treat the menial staff with contempt. We do not think that no job is too mean.
We had boarded the train in the small hours with sleeper tickets. As soon as we got into a cabin the sleeping passengers showed signs of displeasure at our intrusion. One domineering buxom beauty hastily converted herself from perpendicular to horizontal posture, in order to drive out us from their cozy status. The grand old lady had sympathized with us, ” they too are passengers like us… the only difference is that we have boarded earlier…. dear daughter, be kind to them by allowing them to share the seat”. The aging wisdom prevailed over the young impetuousness. We were allowed to sit there.

We had with us the home-made breakfast packet.Immediately getting the seat we had had our food. Looking at us eating, with watering mouth they too ordered for iddily. All the four, the young woman, her husband, his mom and the young child began taking food. The grandma and the child shared one packet. There was still another packet to be eaten. I deliberately kept on watching them so that I could get rid of the nausea of the stinking dirt. When the mind is preoccupied with something curious we tend to be oblivious about the harsh surroundings.

The young lady put the iddili packet on the narrow strip of the folded shelf. The space was hardly enough to occupy the food packet.When it was about to fall the vigilant husband intervened to stop it from falling down. The recurrence of the act was watched breathlessly by the onlookers. The food packet was, indeed, a point of attention to everyone around. Eveyone was curious as to the fate of the packet. I had the foreknowledge that it would fall down sooner or later, when the attention of the young man would distract to some other matter of more interest. The mom interfered by advising the couple to keep the food at a safer place. Her advice had fallen on deaf ears. The young couple had reciprocated to the mom’s advice with a contemptuous, scornful gesture.
Killing the curiosity of everyone and with no surprise to anyone, the packet at last did take the inevitable fall. The curry, sambar, chutney were splashed all over the body of the young couple. The mom had had the last laugh over the episode. The lesson is that one has to heed to the wisdom and experience of old age.It is true that an unintelligent person does not learn lessons from his own mistakes; the intelligent person learns lessons from his own mistakes; a wise man does not wait for his own mistakes to learn a lesson,he,instead, learns lessons from the mistakes of others.

The experiences in an Indian train are hateful by any standards. There is no drinking water, not even water in the toilets. The stinking toilets are worse than hell. The human excreta thrown on to the rail tracks, especially at railway stations, cause untold damage to Indian prestige and pride.
The windows are too unclean to touch; the windowpane may come down at any moment,inflicting amputation of the arms of a miserable passenger. The doors are not fastened and the unexpected shutting of them can even take the life of passengers standing at the doors.

Still the Indian Railway is apathetic to the inhuman, subhuman levels of inconvenience and filth it is running with. Poor Indians are unable to do anything except at every five year when elections are due… But the ruling parties are making the most of people’s affiliation to casteism and communalism which can supersede the anti-incumbency factor….. Good governance is sacrificed for partisan aspirations.. The Government is happy to have caused too many problems to its people…as when the problems are too many people cannot concentrate … besides, human memory has a limitation…it forgets the old events of hardships, reacting only to the new. The new events can be made sweet by giving some sops, especially to the organized vote-bank.


I  have been away from the ways of writing for a while, primarily because the laptops at home were not available. I had no time either. Of course my mind has been fraught with a flurry of topics. Among them one topic is selected here, namely, ‘ money & friendship’. Money or Friendship, which one matters more than the other ? I thought I would naturally incline to hold friendship a rung higher than money. Quite contrary to my reflex reaction preferring friendship to money there was an anecdote  from my life which did tell a  bizarre story.

I was on a tour to New Delhi last summer. I had made all the arrangements to have a smooth sail during the itinerary. At every point of the travel there were agents or friends of mine awaiting to receive me. When I reached New Delhi at the midnight hour I expected my class mate and intimate friend Mr X at the railway station. He was not there. He did not even  mind to attend my phone. He was living a luxurious life in New Delhi as a Professor in a reputed University and I thought I was nuisance to him. I was new to New Delhi. My inexperience was writ large in my conduct. Car drivers began to surround me. I was in trouble. I did not really know what to do. Cursing myself for relying my friend with whom there was no love lost between us.

In order to escape from the pandemonium of the railway premises I got into a taxicab. I directed the chauffeur to take me to the guest house of the university where my friend had said to have arranged lodging. The guest house personnel were sound asleep. I knocked loud at the door. Some one came out irritably for rousing at the small hours of the day. I introduced myself as the friend of Mr. X, my classmate friend. The man showed me the way and ushered me into a cozy suite. I was in a quandary as I was wondering at the huge amount I would have to pay as rent. On the other hand I was solaced to have a cozy shelter at the midnight hour, in an alien and unsafe city.

I with my spouse had had a sound sleep( as she snored ) in the comfort of A.C. We had a tasty breakfast in the morning. Parcels were ready for us to be taken during the day’s sight-seeing. When we came back to the suite in the evening supper of high quality was ready to serve for us.It was a sumptuous supper. The waiters and the staff were courteous. I could not believe myself. I was treated like a V.I.P. there which I never had ever been treated like in my life. Any way, I enjoyed every bit of the dear hospitality. Still there was shocking doubt  about the size of my pocket, whether it was large enough to occupy the VIP suite….I was indeed a man of determination and did stay there for two more days. In spite of my two days’ sojourn I had neither phone calls nor a visit or glimpse of my friend. I wondered how could such an intimate friend turn such an indifferent man. A friend in need is a friend indeed. At the crucial moment of need he had forsaken me.

During the stay at the University Guest House I visited every significant  place in Delhi in the luxurious car specially rented for me. The time at last arrived to bid good bye to the pleasurable life in Delhi. Hesitantly I approached the payment section to clear the bill. Instead of listening to my query the Officer-in-charge handed over to me a small parcel. He told simultaneously that my friend had already  paid the bill through internet. I was nonplussed and had no words to express my feelings. I really did not know what to do.. whether I should call him or leave the place silently ? I had no clue. I know one thing… I was too impatient to wait another moment to open the parcel… Again another pleasurable shock! It contained a glittering pair of golden rings!

All my ill-feeling faded and melted away in the glitter of gold as the  gold shone more than the gem of friendship. I cannot but conclude that everything is measured in its intrinsic utility and usefulness. I cursed an intimate friend for not being useful to me… and conversely I got grateful to him for being useful to me. Parents love the children and vice versa in the anticipation of utility. No love escapes this measure of utility.

Kerala-God’s Own Country-A Travel Itinerary.


I prepared a travel itinerary as per the request of Mr. Aneeshkumar, Pala in the context of the arrival of some tourists fro England. I sent it to Mr. Aneeshkumar and o those English friends. The former did not respond but used it to his benefit; the latter at least extended gratitude. The only thing for me is that I had lost some pretty hours from my busy life. Still that gave me some experience into the rich potential of Kerala tourism.

I am giving below whatever I have prepared to the benefit of Travellers into Lerala. The description is minimum as the websites given therein speaks volumes. All of it is not entitled to authenticity since I have made it mostly from my memories.

People from anywhere in the world can contact me for travelling guidance anywhere in Kerala …. E-mail:


AIRPORT COCHIN 3.30 AM 05/01/2013 Setting foot on the Heaven on Earth.

Getting refreshed.

KALADY 4.30 AM 05/01/2013 Mourning routine.

Visit to sites  & Breakfast

10 km



Perumbavoor-Kodanad. 6.30 am 05/01/2013 Elephant Training Center 10 Km  
Muvattupuzha & Thodupuzha  7.30 am 05/01/2013 ThommankuthwaterfallMalankara Dam 17km

16 km

  Breakfast at Oasis Hotel, Muttom

& Naakukani

8.30 am 05/01/2013 The biggest underground Hydro-electric Project in India 19 km

Idukki 9.30 am 05/01/2013 world’s second and Asia’s first arch dam. 43 km  
Kattappana 10.30 am 05/01/2013 Hill Town of Spices. 20 km Chech in:

Edassery Resorts


Kattappana 12 noon 05/01/2113   0 km    
Ramakkalmede 2 pm 05/01/2013 Exquisitely Gorgeous Scenic Beauty. 30 km  
Kattappana 6 pm 05/01/2013 Sharing YOGA Thoughts with Guru Rajasekharan


30 km Tea & Snack
Kattappana 7.30 pm 05/01/2013 Supper

And halt.

5 km   Edassery Resorts




Kattappana 6 am 06/01/2013 Travelling to Munnar 80 km   Check out


Munnar 9 am 06/01/2013 Check in & Breakfast. Hotel:

Munnar 10 06/01/2013 Sight-seeing & Shopping. 8 pm Check in.
Munnar 7 am 07/01/2013 Eravikulam Park, Speed-Boating etc. In & around 8 pm Check in.
Munnar 7 am 08/01/2013 Mattupetty Dam, Echo Point, Top Station, Tea Estate etc. In & around 8 pm Check in.
Munnar 7 am 09/01/2013  Check out & Journey to Thekkady 110 km    
Places on the wayto Thekkady:

Devikulam, Nedumkandam



Stay at:

Periyar House (KTDC )




Thekkady 6 AM 10/01/2013 Boating through Sylvan waters.Elephant  Ride. Suppper at 8 pm.
Thekkady To Pala


6 am 11/01/2013 ParumthumparaPeermade.,Vagamon,Aruvithura & Bharananganam




B/F: Rose Garden Peermade. Lunch: Finch Erattupetta.
Kidangoor, Pala. 6 pm 11/01/2013 Halt     Hotel Elegance.
Pala( Full Day)   12/01/2013 Visit to Plassanal to know the Village life in Kerala.     Halt at Elegance.

From Pala to Kumarakom. 7 am. 13/01/2013 House-boating on  Backwaters to Alappuzha. 24 hours
Alappuzha to Cochin 7 am 14/01/2013 Shopping,Maaraari Beach.Ma anchery ,Fort Cochin,Cherai Beach.

Halt in a Hotel near Cochin I/N Airport.


Elder daughter has finished B.Tech program and the younger has completed her 4th semester. They will have simultaneous free time after a long time. I and my wife had gone on a north Indian tour sans our daughters, though wih their consent. To do compensation I would like to make a family trip inside Kerala. Knowing my own place needs to be given priority. A person touring foreign places without understanding one’s own place is a fool. The beauty and flavour of one’s own place is deserving a closer look before visiting faraway people and places.

I have not yet fixed the destination or the itinerary. If it is not raining cats and dogs I have a plan to visit Wynad and Kannur. One day’s stay at Guruvayoor is in the reckoning. I always the sweet moments I have spent with my dear daughters. A painful incident to them is unthinkable to me. For example, my Arya had to extract four of her inviting teeth preparatory to clip her teeth for making her teeth even in appearance. It is a cosmetic, costly affair every girl is voluntarily coming forward to.

Timing with the vacation of my daughters I have fixed the EKADASHI BHAJANA on 15/06/2012, Friday at my reidence. Many peple of our locality will assemble at home in the evening; they will chant God’s names; they will sing classical Bhajans and keerthans; there will be sumptuous dished during the course of the Bhajana. Bhajana will go on till midnight. More than being a spiritual or religious ceremomy or program, it is an occasion for relating, knowing each other. This practice has been there in my village, Thalappulam from a period which is beyond my memory. It is held under the auspices of the 197. N.S.S. Karayogam, of Krishnapuram temple.

I am all in readiness to make the vacation of my daighters a memorable sweet experience. There may not be any such occasion when we four are exclusively together…