The Wise, the Intelligent and the Fool.

The Wise, the Intelligent and the Fool.

The mood set in by loneliness in the Apartment in Salmiya, Kuwait appears to have reformed me to philosophical, contemplative temperament. I cannot refer to loneliness alone for the shift from laziness to pensiveness. The shift in mood has also been due to the news from home about the illness of my mother. I was too homesick to sleep for a few days. I was at a loss and suffocated by my incapacity in getting my mom on the phone. For a while I even cursed the moment wherein I had chosen to decide about the Kuwait journey. I thought my presence might have led to her early recovery. See friends, I was in a fix as I couldn’t fly home all on a sudden since the return ticket was on 8th of May and I was otherwise  positively bound to discharge the official duty assigned to me by my employer.

This is the time for a bit of philosophical rumination. My mind is preoccupied with ideas on wisdom, intelligence and idiocy. The ideas do not come on their own abruptly in a flash or like a lightning from the heavens. The ideas are formed as seeds…on appropriate terrain it sprouts, grows up into a tree with flowers, fruits which are yet again ready to deliver seeds… The movement is cyclic though the individual entities change. Nature always is cyclic as our own planet which has got an oval shape. Without taking a U-turn we can ultimately come to the point wherefrom we had started. In other words, the starting point and the destination point can be one and the same.

Then what is the soil on which the ideas eventually have dropped on! I really have taken note from my own experience that I am not seriously received by others; I mean according to the merit and desert I think I am eligible for. For example, whenever I use to warn my friends or relatives about the repercussions of taking a particular step they are ordinarily to brush aside my advice. They take the other route and on many occasions they are found to meet with hardships. I have only sympathy for those who disregard me. I am though not happy with their acrimony to me on account of their failures, which were wholly irrespective of me and principally respective of them. With every such mishap and failure they become more and more inimical, as if I were responsible for their misfortunes. In no way was I responsible for their falls. I from my experiences or from the experiences of others have learnt good and bitter lessons of life. These experiences and the lessons therefrom I think I have come to be less foolish. I never though claim myself as wise as only the fools think that they are wise. I am more commonsensical than I was, say, before a decade. I will never claim that I have the rare excellence of commonsense inherent in me. I also hold the view that “common” sense indeed is a rare virtue.

The faculty of predicting the future problems of a particular step is not god given or supernatural. It is, conversely, due to the strength of experiences and the lessons I have learnt therefrom. Then, if so how could I harness the horse of experiences and derive and acquire the rare faculty. Yes I will say: By being silent, listening, memorizing (not mechanical, like a parrot) and by practicing. What I refuse and am reluctant to do is teaching others the lessons I have learnt. I cannot teach lessons of life. One has to undergo himself/herself through the heat and fire, the very ordeal. Only that will bring about the change for the better. Advice is the last option as it is the most hated thing for too many. Of course I do give advices sometimes as clues to avoid future problems for the benefit of the receivers, especially when they are the intimate, close-to-heart ones, despite the invariable aftermath of me becoming the victim of my own good intentions.


As a rule, I am not predisposed to making watertight divisions about human conduct and realities of life, in general. Anyhow, referring to the foregoing paragraph I am venturing to deviate from my nature. I am to make a broad (never watertight!) classification between the Wise, the Intelligent and the Simpleton! The persons who learn lessons from the experience of others is a wise person; the persons who learn experiences from his own experiences are intelligent persons; and those persons who are not even able to learn any lesson from their own experiences are indeed fools! This is not a watertight compartmentalization. Still it is an indicator to fix one’s status.

The reality of life is that no one has walked on earth without falling. Humans have learnt the faculty of standing erect and walking through many a fall. That is why they say, “Failures are Pillars of Success”. Hence, listen silently, patiently, memorize what you have listened to, put into practice the lessons you have learnt from your experience and of the ones of others as well. If you have passed out all the stages successfully you ultimately are qualified to teach the lessons of life to others.

Advice? Me? Yes: why not!

“Never ignore clues, namely, the indicators and signals on the road.”

“Never blame the Postman for a bad letter.”






The bus halted with a shrieking sound. I looked around to see why there was delay. Some vehicles parking on both sides of the road had well nigh blocked the road. I alighted from the bus as I thought it would take some time to extricate the stagnant motor flow. The house on the right side of the road had a gathering of a couple of dozen people. The cars on the road outnumbered the people in the house. I was agitated to know that a small private function in a house had caused all the havoc. For us it has been a matter of pride to cause traffic blockade even for the silliest event. I was itching to speak out my pent up feelings against the people who had assembled there. Mustering up courage I went into the gate, reached out the courtyard where men and women were partying.
I wanted to shout at them….but there I saw a girl, nay a woman, clad like a bride sitting there amidst others in royal elegance. I could not believe my eyes….I shuddered back in utter disbelief. It was that girl who was for me once more than my life. She sat there in her celestial, blissful innocence, sans raising her countenance. I stood there for a while in a nonplussed condition. Within moments of uneasiness of giddiness I regained my senses to recognize that the girl was about to step foot into the new phase+ of her life. I was both happy and unhappy to see her getting married. Happy because after all her bitter experience from me she had come to the right decision; unhappy that she is losing for good. I was already married, still I did not like to see her married to another man.
In spite of all the sea of commotion waving in my mind I was able to remain unnoticed by others. Nobody could feel the presence of a stranger, though it was a small gathering. As the girl still remained motionless in her royal coyness, there arrived the Prince of the day. He alighted from his posh car with his mom and dad. The very sight of the man had suffocated my whole being. He was my class mate, nay, our classmate. We three were together in our P.G. classes. He was with her from her school days. He had got such a lng standing relationship with her, which had now consummated into a wedlock. I ws an exasperated man to see all this, rather unexpectedly. I am an uninvited person, a lone traveler waiting at the periphery to view the heartbreaking nuptial ceremony.
I was to him an invader to his dreams right from the word go. There was venom in his mind reserved for me. He was about to avenge me by marrying the girl I once had deeper relationship. If he saw me what would happen, I had no idea. The lady, the first love of my love, in the mean time, cast a glance ith the corner of her eyes, besieging me to go away without creating a scene. I was a mad man by then, did not heed to her earnest appeals. My friend, the groom sat near my erstwhile love. They exchanged lovely, glances; they smiled; they almost caressed. I was boiling with passion to see all this. For a while, I forgot everything about myself, that I was married…that I had been a liar and a cheat to her…. And that again I was poking my head to make her life worse.
I looked around to see whether there were any one who could recognize me. I was shocked to see a few of my classmates standing around me, as if to get hold of me if I acted foolishly. At this juncture I took the decision to retract. While I was about to do so I saw my bridegroom friend giving some instructions to a confidant classmate of his. No sooner than that a few strong men got hold of me forcefully. I began to shake them off with all might…in the process I almost gave out a wild roar of anguish and anger.
By then I heard the coarse voice of someone who has been there with me for quite a long time. She had come out of her sound sleep… Nay, she was awakened by my loud roar of anguish and anger. I was found myself lying flat on the floor, sweating feverishly. My wife was upset to hear me roar and see me taking a wild plunge from the cot to the flat floor. She asked me in agony, “what was that dear? What had really happened? She almost had a fear that I was about to have a massive cardiac arrest. The night was longer as there was no more sleep possible for me. I hugged her closer to me and almost wept.
In the morning freshness I tried to rethink what had really happened last night… Was it a dream? Was there a speck of reality behind that. Not in my memory, not in this life of mine. Then why such a nightmare now, I wondered. As usual I set out to my office through the same place where the drama dream sequence had taken place. There I saw a house, but a bigger one. There was a huge gathering. A marriage is going to be solemnized there soon. Good sense advised me not to get down, but emotion prevailed over wisdom. I got down, went into the courtyard. There I saw a middle-aged woman standing there with her husband. Their daughter was getting married. I was ushered into the reception like a V.I.P. Who was that woman? The girl of yesterday’s nightmare had turned a middle-aged woman? I stared at her husband…Was he my my villai, the classmate…… I was totally confused. I wanted to get out and to get lost into the crowd bustling to enter into the feast hall.


The other day the neighbor maid while sweeping the courtyard accidentally and unawares picked a snake mistaking it for some natural waste. Realizing  the reality she threw the wriggling thing instantaneously with a sharp shrill. It was 7’o clock and my wife was about to depart for her workplace.She turned around to hear the strident voice and took a cudgel to strike the snake. The snake was lying still on the ground as the rough ground was too uncomfortable for it to move on. I was in a quandary, whether to strike or not was the question pestering me. I snatched the cudgel from her and commanded her to leave .

It was there a matter of prestige and pride for me.If I did not strike then all my esteem and prestige would have vanished into the thin air.  My inner voice stood against killing any living being.The external pressure of circumstances, at last, had the last word. For the first time in my life I was about to kill a living thing.(exceptions:mosquito, ants,very small insects and micro-organisms)My mind was unwilling, hands shivering still circumstances trigger me to commit killing in cold blood. I struck with the cudgel right on the hood of he snake. There was no need of another thump. Its tail till wagged. I closely examined the being to know that It carried all the traits of viper.

As for me the event turned the morning rather a moody,murky one. The scene of the wagging tail, wide open mouth of the reptile really had made me sick. The sick mind was not just thanks to the ugliness of the being but comprehensively due to the compunction heaved from the empathy with another living being which also had felt the same pain (any human would have felt) when it was thumped with a cudgel.After all, why humans turn inimical to snakes.His very reflex action is but killing the poor being. In the instant case the reptile was lying on the ground helplessly trying to get out of the rough patches..the maid picking it up inadvertently…. It is striking that the reptile did not strike. In spite of all the curtsy it was mercilessly attacked and killed. Now I understand that mostly the cause of violence is fear. The snakes hiss, bite humans; the humans kills them at the very sight…all this conduct grounded on fear and prejudices.

By any standard killing a snake may be a trivial thing. But as for me it looked like a deviation from my real nature. I have been unaquainted with ways of violence. Nonviolence was there in my blood.Yes, the stress on AHIMSA has been there in my blood, handed down from generations..My mom,Dad,their parents and all their forefathers were supposed to be Swaathikas or good natured, nonviolent people.They were pure vegetarians too! Are we all good natured just because we are pure vegetarians? Are all the ill natured people are so just because they eat non vegetarian food? Does food effect character? If so things would have been easier to reform criminals! The reality is that the seed and the Terrain do equally contribute to the formation of character.I am a pure vegetarian, still I do not think that I am nonviolent to all living beings because of this. Conversely I am a vegetarian due to my nonviolent traits. I have been so from the seed, from the homely terrain. The fact may be that I hold firm to the view that I am part of the whole world, nay! the whole universe where every living being is uniquely entitled to its life and share of resources.It is not just the survival of the fittest…it is the survival of the fittest who can survive the mutations and adapt themselves to the new challenges. Those who cannot adapt will wither away to oblivion.The term ‘fittest’, therefore, cannot be equated with muscle power.

The killing of the snake and the surrounding thoughts have revisited my mind at the glimpse of the sad visage of my young daughter, Surya. She was stunned to see a the sad spectacle of a dying cat. The cat carried no bleeding injury. It was weak and  had limped upto her and then collapsed before her…She had to witness the demise of the cat.The sight had stirred her mind…The feeling of empathy rose high and there were tears in her eyes. After a few words of wisdom I could relieve her of the intense feeling of grief. I was happy to see that my daughter literally takes after me in showing empathy to all living beings as I had taken after all my forefathers. Conversely it is the powerful expression of moral courage. It is never a frailty. My vegetarianism too has deep roots into the soil of moral courage which activates me to choose nonviolent life in every respect, at any cost.

Hence he answer is that the inability is rooted in moral courage and not grounded on the ineptitude of cowardice.


Last night it was raining cats and dogs.The power went out,instantly as the first drops of lashing rain had touched the arid earth. The thunder, the lightning, the heavily noisy rain all gave a shiver in my spine. I was soon there groping in the pitch darkness of the small hours.Despite being a sensible, reasonable,mature person of early fifties, I feverishly began to gasp, fret, panic. The whole wisdom of age had no say to hold my mind on restraint.I could hardly find where I was groping and to what direction should I turn to get the inverter.In the attempt to put the power alternative my head had collided heavily against the wall…I did not scream so that there shall not be disturbance to others who were fast asleep. I forsake my attempt to get to the inverter.
I went upstairs. I opened the doors of the room where my two daughters lay. I got nearer to the cot. My shaky hands hastily reached for the hands of the little cherubs.There were no hands to meet mine.I murmured in a hushed up, husky voice, trying to wake them up. There were none to respond to… I was sweating and I feared I would faint.I tried to lie there on the cot.The lights were on abruptly and I found myself totally upset, annoyed without exactly knowing what had really happened.Where had gone my life’s blood, the price of my life, my two daughters, for a while I was confounded and nonplussed.
By the time, I was interfered with the sleepy voice of my spouse,’where have you gone during this midnight hour?’Shuddered and almost unconsciously I enquired,’where had gone our Arya and Surya? They are not there in their rooms !’ She retorted with impatience. discontent, ‘please come back. What had happened to you…Arya is in Bangalore and Surya has gone to Ernakulam for GATE coaching’.
Yes, everything had come back to my mind.Slowly,painfully I went back to my bed.A sea of emotions was waving through my mind. The fear of separation, the fear of safety of my offspring when they are away, all these have been eating into my frail mind during most of my rest time, especially as I am there in bed trying hard for the embrace of a sound sleep.( Sometimes the ‘sound sleep’ of my spouse use to really upset my peaceful sleep.) But I know mind does not like effort.Mind likes effortlessness. It is hard truth that at hard times mind cannot be effortless.
The night’s lesson taught me the inevitability of separation.Separations can be short-lived or eternal.Either way separations are inevitable in life…Let us come to terms with the reality of separations….Try to live in the present moment. Nay ! I can’t…It is easy to exhort and advise others to be practical…but when it comes to our own issues we cannot just write off things as easily as we use to advise others.
Living dangerously under the bad clutches of separations will certainly make life dull and blunt…All our ambitions will wither away, vanish at the very thought of separations in life. Time shall be allowed to take its toll from life as Time itself would heal all the wound, repair all the loss. All I can hope and pray is that where ever my daughters are they should be living happily as my happiness is correlated to their happiness.


There was a time when I had great admiration for my body. As years pass by the admiration is dwindling via-a-vis the ageing process.I am trying to minimize the body-damage consequent on through application of cosmetics.I understand that cosmetics have limits! I, though, had immense appreciation for almost all parts of the body, I have been ignoring my teeth. Nowadays everyone is meticulously attentive to his/her teeth. The cosmetic side of tooth-care is now a business of high return. To speak the truth, in my childhood days I had no practice of brushing in the morning prior to breakfast. There was none to chide me to the track of daily routine and etiquette. I was my own guide. I had had a freedom which none of my friends had ever enjoyed. In spite of the freedom I was not taken to really bad ways except that I did not brush, I did not care to do copy-writing, home-work…The result- my teeth are almost gone out of repair; my handwriting is miserable in looks.
Am I a loser or a winner, as a result of the freedom I have been enjoying from my early childhood days? I think that I have gained a lot rather than lost a lot.Nonetheless the tooth problem is biting me to the core. Had I known the repercussions of not brushing properly in time I might not have come up with such an awkward plight.I am penitent. In those days there was no dentist to pull the milk-teeth. My grandma was an expert in that trade. She with uncanny knack used to pull out the teeth of all other children, but not mine as she loved me too much to uproot my teeth. Hence I was a spoilt child by the love of my Grandma, mom, etc.
In one of my early posts I have dealt with an episode where I had met with the accident of swallowing a tooth alongwith the food. I have, till date, no idea where the tooth had gone…one thing is sure, that it has not hitherto come out through any of the body outlets.Dear my friends, I am now penitent and even conscious about the need of tooth-care from the very early days of childhood.
The consequence of ignoring the teeth got manifest as tooth fall. The first one fell about a decade ago.I remember that day…a tooth on the left cheek was swinging loose for some days.It came out from the gum with ease and without pain…but there was pain within.There was no bleeding either. The tooth-fall did not stop there. One after the other the tooth began to fall after showing the ritualistic symptoms at regular intervals. Incapable of coming to terms with the reality I used to keep every such tooth in some secret corner of my house, in the hope that some Dentist would later put all the teeth together in my mouth to regain my early looks.
Lo! Dear ! The sect called Dentists causes a trembling in my mind reaching out the spines. All the wretchedness has been due to my trepidation of dentists and their tools. Had I gone to a dentist when I had had my first tooth-fall I could have delayed the onslaught. The situation is alarming now. The broad one in the front is facing decay..there are symptoms…once the symptoms are there it is definite that the tooth will fall within the given period. I am undone if my front teeth is gone off as it is my stamp, it gives shape to my face…if it is gone I will be another person. My broad teeth in the front is about to perish…it is awaiting death like a cancer patient for whom death is a foregone conclusion. The next stage of my prominent teeth will be the dangling posture, which will be abominable to the onlooker… No cosmetics of all of Arabia can save me from this predicament.


While being pitted against other political leaders of his contemporary Mr. V.S.Achuthanandan is standing out as an exceptional phenomenon. I am preferring him to other CPM leaders thanks to his candidness, uprightness or outspokenness especially in reference to his right stance on corruption and other issues. He is the leader of the masses while others are living dangerously and strictly within the party complex. The miserable men are incapable of coming out of the party shells to embrace real leftist ideology.They cannot feel the pulse of the people outside the party cadre.

I am happy to see his gestures indicating his return to the party standpoint.But why has he taken the decisive turn? He may be well conscious about the outcome of his ant-party line during the snap polls during the testing times of the UDF government. He may be seeing the lurking danger lying ahead if he goes on taking an anti-party stance. Had he held a pro-RMP position that itself would have helped the UDF. Hence he retracted in order to forestall the danger of UDF gaining more seats that it actually deserves.
In addition he was well aware of the fact that the UDF has been taking undue mileage from the T.P Ramakrishnan Murder case. The UDF has been enjoying the fruits of V.S’ dissent with the Party echelons.He, therefore, took a U-Turn in coming to terms with the party ways. It is not surrender; he was stooping to conquer his enemy within and without.
The critics of V.S forget that he is almost 90. Is there any other leader who is so uncorrupt, so active at this advanced age!We criticize Gandhiji and Yesudas without knowing them…or just by reading the books or articles written against them…so we criticize V.S too.
Still I am not to predict the results of Kerala elections…It all depends on the votes polled for BJP…BJP will improve its vote share…but it is uncertain about the loss BJP would inflict…whether the Left or the Right will lose votes as a result of BJP’s gains….If the BJPgets majority of votes from LDF, the latter will be the loser and the UDF will be gaining…it is the other way if BJP can make inroads into UDF pockets. In some areas the LDF vote will go to BJP in certain other pockets it will be the other way. The improvement of the BJP votes is not due to vote purchase but because of real attitudinal changes… and the expectations of A Modi government.

The relevant contribution and role of V.S could be offset by the additional votes BJP may get this time from the erstwhile voters of LDF. To put in a nutshell, the gain of BJP may be the loss of LDF.The same situation is awaiting the UDF too in a smaller way, in a lesser degree.
( will continue )

The Difference between 25 and 52.

In the misty midnight hour I entered the train unceremoniously and alone. Everyone inside stared at me as if a lone traveler were unwelcome to everyone. Everyone had at least one seer off at the railway station, though I had none. Hence the queer treatment. Everyone seemed to have a notion that a lone traveler is a forlorn one who had no dear ones to love….that he was a drunkard or a thief. Nay, dear ones! I have a family at home who was discouraged by me to prolong or drag the seeing-off to the railway station…instead I preferred one at the doorsteps of my dear home where there was warmth, love and the pain of separation. The boredom of awaiting the delayed train would have made everyone uneasy and the warmth would have evaporated and restlessness would have overpowered. So dear friends I never liked to prolong the seeing-off beyond the door steps of my dear home. I advise you to follow suit.
My unwelcome coming into the coach cast a solemn silence all over. But the silence of that moment was overtaken by yet another perplexing spectacle. One fair lady had come in alone and there was none to see her off. The focus of attention shifted to that woman. I was relieved and curious at once. I too began to think like others thought about me a little while ago…” why is she alone? Is she married? If so where is her husband?…”My thoughts had no limits. Straightaway she began preparations to sleep. She lay on the lower birth just close to mine. My heart began to beep louder..I feared someone, especially the fair one, would hear my heartbeats. She took the opposite position facing my legs, but a few minutes later she changed position to occupy a face-to-face posture with mine. Now I had a clear view of her visage. It was strange, though not as fair as the body shape had suggested. A smile was lingering on her lips…I caught it before it fell waste. We found each other the image of one in the other. I lay there in that position for a very long time. Neither she nor she slept.
There was silence which spoke volumes. I knew what was going through her mind… and of course I thought she too had the same thoughts flashing through her mind. Still could not verify her marital status. Whether she was a student or a professional? I had no clue.. Her appearance and looks predicted none. Thinking, sweating, sighing, we both had had a sleepless night. A few of the passengers were curiously kept awake by us to know about the outcome of our body language. Like us they too had no result in the end, except the weariness of insomnia.
In the small hours of the morning I noticed a smile, an inviting one on her lips through the dim light. I mustered courage to reciprocate but it ended up in a tragic grimace. I was desperate to waste a whole night in sheer sleeplessness. Yet another hour passed uneventfully and there was sun in the east. It was time for me to alight. Mustering courage I put a question regarding her place. She replied, ‘Oh, I am from Kochin’… I asked where she was going to. ‘To New Delhi to join my daughter who was recently married’. I was surprised to hear that she was a mother-in-law as she had visage of a pretty young woman. I went on asking her personal questions about her family. I could know from her that her hubby was an acquaintance of me. On knowing all this all my initiative and warmth were solidified. I had a prick of conscience in entertaining amorous musing… I thought it better not to have asked for her whereabouts. Of course I did not reveal the matter of my acquaintance with her man. Hence she was as free and expressive as she was before. Still I took a U-turn.
The above episode took place in my mid-twenties, before my marriage, when I was on a trip to New Deihi to attend an interview. The sour memory of that episode revisited me during my recent train journey. This time I was in the uncertain age of 52 and I was cautious not to lose my sleep and not to shoot up my blood pressure over a woman who took my adjacent birth. See the difference between 25 and 52….Have I turned wiser or have I turned a coward over the years ?

PROMOTION…. സ്ഥാനകയറ്റം!


നുറുങ്ങുന്നേൻ ഹൃദയമുകുളം
മരവിക്കുന്നേൻ സ്ധൂലശരീരം
ദാഹിക്കുന്നേൻ സൂക്ഷ്മശരീരം
കൂടുവിട്ടുകൂടുമാറി മോചനം !

ഹ്രുദയവ്യധതൻ കാരണം കേവലം
പൊരുത്തക്കേടുകൾ തൻ ജീവിതം.
ഇവിടെ അറിയുന്നില്ലരുമാരെയും

നഷ്ടങ്ങളോർത്തു ബന്ധുക്കൾ വൃഥാ കേഴുന്നു
പൊടുന്നനെ ദുഃഖം ആർഭാട ശേഷക്രിയക്കായ് വഴിമാറുന്നു ..
ജീവിച്ചിരുന്നപ്പോൾ കിട്ടാത്ത സ്ഥാനകയറ്റം കിട്ടിടുന്നു
ഭിത്തി തൻ ഒത്തമുകളിൽ ചിരപ്രതിഷ്ഠ നേടുന്നു. .


A person who has eyes does not know the suffering of the blind. Similarly a parent does not know the pain of a childless couple.A blind man can effortlessly and naturally evade scenes of unwanted, unpalatable experiences. An issue-less couple, likewise, can dodge from the pain of parenting. I have said so because now-a-days parenting is not rewarded with pleasure. The pain therein outweighs the pleasure. The pregnant mother feels the painful pleasure eversince conception and ends up with the consummation, the final delivery. The pain and pleasure story of parenting continues till the demise of the parent.Parental responsibilities sans power outweigh the benefits.In other relationships and positions in life responsibilities very often lead to power, it is conversely in the case of parental responsibilities.

Now-a-days, as a rule, there may be one or two issues in a nuclear family. The limited versions are treated with unreserved love by their parents. They even sell their property for their education, health, job and marriage. The parent often is a scapegoat at the altar of family life.He/she is a victim in the end.He/she has to meet what he/she has been doing with his/her own parents.The young parent in the over-enthusiasm for assuring a safe future for their own children, more often, swerve from the duty of protecting their own aged parents.

The endeared, cajoled, spoilt children follow suit. They not only have no love lost between their grand parents but they learn the lesson from their own parents that the aged and the ailing deserve only disregard and disrespect.The parents of today when they turn gray will have to suffer the same ingratitude and disrespect from their own issues. Hence, what I say is that you may love your children but not at the very cost of your own parents’ happiness and self-respect. Things will have an inevitable cyclic boomerang in real life.

The young ignore the middle-aged and the aged; the middle-aged ignore the aged.We call this phenomenon ‘generation gap’, a pet term used to describe the lack of love between the young and the aging.In yesterdays’ world the aged was respected as they held power. Today the elderly and the middle-aged are dancing to the tune of the young ones and they, therefore, are powerless.It is unfortunate that the parents have to face insult, tension due to their own offspring at a time when they need care, when they could become ill at the incidence of a slight insult or mental agony. The agony given by the offspring precipitates their illness. One day the parent dies ignominiously.. The children then wail, mourn with dark, somber outfits… spent a lot for funeral and posthumous ceremonies. Maybe that he feels penitent now… What is not done during life cannot be compensated by posthumous actions of show and flamboyance.
A parent expects the recess of love from his/her offspring. He/ she postpones his/her comfort, happiness for the offspring till the very last breath, and Lo!death is preponed by illhealth precipitated by tear and wear of selfless, relentless parenting. The tribulations of life eat into the vitality of the parent and he/she prematurely succumbs to the call of death. The parent is discarded by the sons/ daughter when he/she needs utmost attention. But alas ! In senility his life is useless for the offspring and he is ignored to sheer anonymity.

The Clout of Habits.

Habit may be a recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behaviour that is acquired through frequent repetition.Those who know me really know the habits I am labouring under.My conduct is what I am expressing externally. In other words conduct is external behaviour. The behaviour can be unconscious or conscious.The behaviour if it is recurrent, unconscious and repetitive it may be styled as HABIT. But if a particular conduct is conscious in the beginning, through repetitive, recurrence could turn out a habit revealed unawares.Though I have begun many of my unattractive jerks for no reason I have now become an inescapable victim of them.
If a particular habit is harmful one may not be able easily to escape from it. On the contrary, if it is graceful one may find it difficult to stick on to it.Only conscious effort and practice can prolong it. This certainly proves that too often human minds stick to negatives.The habits which cast lasting impressions on a person are in effect the very NATURE of the individual.He has no escape from them…if some one can do that he is a world-winner. See Krishna exhorting Arjuna in Bhagavat Gita. He knows that Arjuna has a Nature which is itching for war. His mind is agitated only because he has to kill his own kith and kin. Krishna knows that as a Kshatriya,Arjuna cannot withhold his habit of waging war. But in the doubtful state of mind Arjuna’s gallantry will be negatively poised. Krishna hath delivered Gita to clear all the doubts from Arjuna’s mind so that he could wage war with a sober mind.
I have no Krishna here/now to recharge to clear my head of all doubts. Like everyone I too am a prisoner of my habits(Nature). If I sit at a place on a day I will naturally go to the same seat next day too.There are too may illustrations to prove the point.
About four years back I accidentally started writing posts in the BLOG. Later I decided to sit before the Laptop regularly at 7.30 am.I used to type for about half an hour. Slowly I got it in my head that writing too can come through repetitive forceful recurrence. Thus a habit is not born it is created. But all your habits are tethered to your NATURE. No one can go beyond the NATURE….The terrain can of course influence but it is defined or limited by the seed which is the NATURE in quintessence.
As mentioned afore, conduct is but external behaviour and character is what is internally there in one’s mind. Conduct or behaviour is what you are and what you do when everybody is watching you. Character is who you are and what you do when nobody is watching you.The graph showing the degree of hypocrisy is directly correlated to the size of the gap between Conduct and Character. If the conduct of one person is not corresponding to his character he is a hypocrite. Conduct is the husk and character, the essence…. the seed, the very Nature of things. An honest person’s conduct and character one and the same. His conduct is his character and his character is his conduct. His life is his message.