There is nothing foul or fair in war and love!

Love and war have no qualm

Lover and warrior have no calm

Loving, warring for a realm

To kiss the palm or to cut the palm.


Foul and fair never antonyms

In war and love they are synonyms

For the nature is to wage war always

As love is the core of existence.


Arjuna saw no foul to kill kin

When Krsna called it his vocation

Love , life’s, emotion’s avocation

None but the brave can  go on to win!

The bloody flower of love and war blooms

Irrespective of the foul, fair scruples.









Mom was away from home with her daughter for two days. Her absence was necessitated because my elder daughter had got admitted for delivery. There was nobody at home to look after during the days of our absence at home. Mom was ill too. She could not walk even with the help of the walker. I was really overwhelmed with the fact of my daughter’s delivery. I had many expectations. I am reasonably satisfied with the way my two daughters have progressed in their curricular and extra-curricular activities. Many of my own ambitions could not be reached due to my own laziness or procrastination. I wanted these unfulfilled desires being realized my children. Most of them were achieved my own offspring. Still there are some outstanding ones. I am, therefore, curious, eager in having a grandchild, preferably a male child.
You may wonder a man like me becoming gender discriminative. As for me I do think there are justifiable reasons too. As you know that I am having two daughters. My brother and sister also having only daughters. …so ours is an all-woman family. Hence dear my friends, I have a longing for a male child. I want to enjoy walking with the new member as and when he grows up…wanna achieve all my desires which were not attained by me or my children. I want to see perfection of my unfulfilled dreams though it is through generations, while I am alive. I also want to know the life with a male child, the way he grows up, etc. The periodical outburst of womenfolk owing to their biological compulsions have been too disconcerting to stand with. The man can be understood only by another man, his priorities, problems…No man can enter into a woman’s mind and can he really know about her exact problems….It is true, vice versa too. The views of man about woman and those of a woman about a man are imperfect, prejudiced. When I had got a son-in-law I was happy and Lo!!! I am happier now…Yes my Arya has given birth to a male babe!!!
In the beginning I told you about my mother’s absence at home. You may not know how much she is attached to my Arya. I did want my mom to see a glimpse of her grand grand son, even before I had had a glimpse of him. Unfortunately she had to wait. Now Arya is at home, discharged yesterday from hospital. She too is unhappy in not having her grandma at home. Quite to the surprise of everyoneelse she has come to us earlier than expected. My sister could not disallow her appeals to take her to see the new born babe. The first meeting, the converging, merging of the two diverging generations was indeed an emotional feast to the mind. My mom seemed over-excited to see the babe…she made a quaint remark too…’ the babe really takes after me, he looks like me.’ I have no words to explain my joy to see their union.
Though my mom herself is happy, I am not happy to see her with all her locomotion suspended. There is joy to see the child urinate, excrete; but when I see the same with my mom, there are tear drops, trickling down my cheeks….

I have to see to the joy and the grief…I have to take care and cater to both….Life is an inextricable blend of the old and the new; rising and setting; sorrow and joy….I have to live up with those experiences, irrespective of its characteristics. Yes, I have to look after my mom….Incidentally, it is Mother’s Day ….


The terror of violence is not of a new origin. This has been there from the days of original human existence. The violence of those immemorial days were for existential issues. The acts of violence might have causes rooted on disputes in respect of basic needs. The need factor has become less significant. Greed has usurped need. Greed is not just the desire to have something beyond the list of our basic needs. It is much more. It is caused by discontent of what one has got. It is the desire for food though the stomach is full. It is the sensual, carnal passion for another woman. It is the desire for money though the pocket is full and does not know what to do with the pocketful of money.If human beings goes on fulfilling his greed what will be the scenario…The fittest will amass more. The weaker will have to suffer from poverty. Hence the problem of poverty is not due to lack of wealth or food or land; it is the direct consequence of greed.
If all the terror of violence can be explained through the theory of greed, why there is violence in the name of religion and politics ? Is it greed to think that only my religion is right, that others are wrong and also that only I am right. This is sheer intolerance. Hence intolerance of any genre is a cause for violence. The cause and effect theory may be applied here.Greed and intolerance are two variables(causes) which cause violence(effect) in society.
Violence, its terror have been gripping my mind quite for some time. I have essayed in my last post to get into the problem. I am not satisfied with that as I want to get deeper to strike the nucleus.Still it is untouchable and invisible; it evades from my imaginative reach. The violence ensuing from emotions,group feeling in the form of hatred of one group against the other is haphazardly revealed in mob violence.The video I viewed the other day was chilling my spines. I had a few sleepless nights. I have deleted the video from my cell as the very thought of its presence in my mobile cause shivers in my mind. The video shows a few people, about a dozen, men and women being brutally attacked by a mob, of about one hundred people, with cudgels. Using the cudgels the mob drove them into long pits. The victims were wriggling with pain, trying to come out of their grave. They were again cudgeled back to the pit. Then to my utmost shock I saw one of the mob member putting fire to the sticks and leaves heaped over them. One of them cut a tree and fell it on the pits. It too caught fire…The people inside the burning pits tried to come up, but were cudgeled back to the pits again by the frenzy mob… I saw the the bodies on fire….they I stopped, I had no courage. I thought I should not have seen what I have seen. I went to bed, sweating, short of breath.
The other brutal attack of inhumanity over humanity was unfolded to my eyes when I saw another violent video. This time in the name of religion. 21 people were killed by simultaneous by 21 persons…The throats were cut; blood gushed out; the faces remain firm of both the perpetrators and the victims. The ocean waves washed away the blood; the ocean becoming red….I am frightened to see all this…I am now decided to stop any of such violent scenes in real life or the videos. I am a man of weak heart; it cannot withstand the shock.
Friends, I have a piece of an appeal here to make…that you never take still or moving pictures of scenes of violence. This is because of the fact you have shown no interest to rescue the victims, to stop the violence. You have to put up a show of moral courage. The scenes of Your video may of course be a piece of evidence later….Still …Never transfer or download images of terror and violence because by seeing, watching a man or woman may become used to it…..


Violence is the intentional use of force to cause physical pain by a human on another. The root of violence is, therefore, the intention (mens rea). The motivation germinates in the mind due to external influences or innately inborn traits. That is, the source of it can be the seed or the terrain or it can be both.

Violence has invidious constituent  of Terror inextricably associated with it. The violence which causes pain on human body is a tool of terrorists. The terrorists use violence to exterminate whatever they see as impediments in extending their religion, ideology. Are religion and political ideologies the leading grounds of motivation for violence. They give impetus to the potential seed to sprout and spread. They alone, therefore, are not responsible for all the violence. Violence is endemic with certain races, cultures. The customs of certain tribes promote violence. As for them violence is not branded with the stigma of sin.

Is violence biologically determined or determined by the stress of social realities. If its is biological determinism it is a facet of the law of nature. It is virtually impossible for a tiger or any other carnivorous animal to live without killing another animal. The sin attached to killing forgoes if the motivation is to meet the basic existential need of slaking  hunger. One animal killing another for food generates terror in our minds but we are not used or prone to call it violence, maybe, because violence has got sociological implications concerning human transactions.

Is it, therefore, just to justify humans killing animals for food? Is it similar to an animal killing another animal to cater to its basic existential necessity to satiate hunger? Is the man killing the animal or the man who eating the cooked animal meat as food more sinful? Or is that not at all a sin for a man to kill an animal for the purposes of using the meat as food? My answer to the first two is an emphatic “NO”. My answer is personal…. as I am basically non-violent in my attitude and actions. Violence of killing instills in me the feeling of empathy to the pain of the animals. This is the main cause of my vegetarian habits.It is not borne out of fear or terror of violence but out of the empathy with the excruciating pain at the times of death. The pain, its effect on every living being is the same. Pain has no direct links with the brains. It is not reasonable to hold that man has got more sensitivity to pain because he has got more sensibility and intelligence than animals. This reality can be verified from the fact that an intelligent, normal person feels the same amount of pain as it felt by an idiot or a mentally retarded person.

Coming back to the last two questions I am of the opinion that the person killing the animal as part of his vocation and the person who enjoys the flavour of the exquisitely decorated meat niceties have the same levels of culpability.From what I have said I never, ever come to the convenient conclusion that a vegetarian is more gentle, less sinful than a non-vegetarian.

I cannot hold that a vegetarian is unfailingly a better person than a non-vegetarian because violence can be exerted in unknown, manifold ways. Cruelty is of that qualification. It is prototype of violence. Cruelty can be perpetrated through words, gestures, behaviour without leading to its ingredient of physical pain. We see cruelty in relationships in public domain and private domain. When the relationship is intimate the cruelty becomes more and more invisible. The booking of the perpetrators is too difficult since law stands confused to enter into the ramifications of intimate relationships, especially when it is of domestic inter-spousal relationships.The perpetrators of cruelty in public domain can be prosecuted through ordinary law. But the law is helpless to deal with incidence of intimate partner violence. The personal pain remains a personal issue. Law is now working towards to convert the personal into political whereby the private becomes the public.

The aggrieved or the victim of household violence invariably is the female partner.The main source of such gender specific violence in intimate relationships is the unequal power relations in the basic social institution, the Family. The private life is but an extension of public life or that personal is political. If the society is patriarchal the basic institution of it cannot be expected to be otherwise. In public space the conduct of the perpetrators of crime can be booked. But stand-alone criminal attitudes cannot be verified and booked. The new enactments on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence protect the aggrieved women from cruelties of all types of both physical and mental nature. The problem of all the law is that it is patriarchal; made mostly by men; administrated, enforced by men. Here women are judged by men as per the standards set by men. A woman is not born but becomes a woman with all her fears imposed by men. He is the main and she is the subservient; he is the essential and she the inessential.

I have gone unbridled…I have started with violence and cruelty; but I have landed on the fertile soil of terror, violence, that is the so-called haven of safety, HOME…


I am, as a rule and by nature, not having a mindset to share my hardships or problems in an open forum. No one in the world is interested in listening to my problems if I repeatedly harp on my personal miseries and tribulations. It has to be understood that everyone has got an axe to grind. If I share at all, it is done with some good intentions. I mean, I want others not to walk the slippery paths I have trodden. I want others to learn lessons from my blunders. This is because people who learn lessons from the experience of others are really wise people; those who learn lessons from one’s own experiences is just an intelligent person; but a person who does not learn even from one’s own experiences is a fool!

So far I could not identify a serious problem in my life. I did not know the basic problem I am suffering from. It is not poverty; it is not illness; it is not domestic violence…Nay! None of these! It shall not be financial as I have a family income of more than one lakh Indian Rupees. The other day two chits lots were drawn in our favor in the inaugural installment itself. I was happier than a playful child. It meant a handsome amount of money with me.The next day I received two notices fro two banks demanding urgent repayment of loans. Here all my happiness was converted to unhappiness. The whole money from chits is not enough to pay even the interest. The financial commitment due to the new chits will last for another three years, in addition..For the first time in my life I have started smelling something rotten. I decided to verify the basic problem I am having at hand. I verified my income vis-à-vis my expenses. This, I have never been in the habit of doing. The fall-out was bizarre. I have found out the bitter reality that I am worse off, worse off than many of the people living below the poverty line in my neighborhood. INTEREST is eating into my very peaceful existence!

Why…I asked myself.I have a car;I have a big house,etc,etc. I did not realize that these possessions are dead assets…and that every such possession is a burden. It may be postulated, Greed leads to Possessions and Possessions become burdens because every asset is a liability in the final reckoning This is because these assets need a heap of money for maintenance and repair. Above all I have bought or built up these burdens by availing huge loans from  Banks. Every month money is diverted to repayment of these loans. I always think myself as a man who cannot commit blunders. This may be the great misconception of every human. To speak the truth I am not an avaricious or greedy person. But I too fell victim to greed. I wanted to make easy money through shortcuts. Succumbing to this temptation I bought a plot in Peermade at exorbitant prices. I thought I could sell it when there will be need for money. There was need for money on the occasion of the marriage of my daughter. I made announcements of my intentions to sell the land. There was cool or lukewarm response. People wanted to get it at a cheaper price. I dropped the idea of selling. I again availed loan, huge loans! At a time when I was financially staggering… Now it is one year…There I see Bank Noitices staring at me… The Chit amount is not enough even to pay the interest. I have to renew the loan. The loans will be there attached to my existence… Yes it is an existential issue to every common human of our place.

It is, therefore, a cycle…taking loans, paying the interest, renewing the loan and again paying interest… you remain where you are; the life goes on sans growth. Development…and Lo! I am not growing financially; I am working and earning money, but only to pay the interest. It is the crisis of every little man. In my case every such loan is from the Co-operative Banks, usually with 15% interest. The cases of others who avail from cutthroat private banks are more miserable. Such loans from the ‘Blade” are for shorter terms…the ones from Banks are long-term ones and the debtor is pinned to perennial pool of irrecoverable plight. The loans from banks are beckoning the people who have limitless wants and greedy desires; they fall victims to the snare set by banks.

The lion-share of my income, therefore, is set apart for paying interest. The debt amount remains the same as the loan is renewed every year…Of course the assets are there though they are not capable or having the potential of generating income. I, therefore,am inclined to dispose some of my land property  to repay the debts and thereby to escape from the demon of INTEREST. The balance money, if available, can be used to lead a happy life….But something in the mind withhold me from taking the pivotal step, maybe the attachment to assets which could on a later day fetch profit or better returns….Thus the one and only life is lived in toil and moil sans peace, rest, money, with the hope of good days ahead…But alas! One day death will embrace unexpectedly delivering from every problem in the midst of incomplete missions, unpaid debts, unfulfilled promises….Life is incomplete….It is tragedy because it unfailingly ends up in Pain and Death.


Dad, you once told me, ‘failures are pillars of success’. Though began quite well, she stammered towards the end. Yes, she broke down to profuse tears. She habitually had a belligerently confidant face. It seemed unbecoming of her to shed tears like any other ordinary girl. The dad replied with a deep sigh, ‘Yes, failures are pillars of success’. The response had an air of dismay and disbelief. Success is success;it has no other substitute than success itself.Can success be built up on the pillars of failures? What is the dividing line between success and failure? It is but a fine line…but who has made that all important line of division by which everything in life is being looked upon as success or failure?
The father took a u-turn to the early childhood of her daughter. While she was in her first standard she asked the dad to prepare a speech on, ” Failures are Pillars of Success”. He did give a good perception of the maxim to her.She learnt it by heart like a parrot. While delivering the speech, stage fright had upset her and she had to quit the stage in tears.In the evening the dad asked about the speech. She replied,’Failures are pillars of Success’, with tears trickling down her sweet, soft cheeks.He solaced her with the repetition of the maxim….The same daughter was standing before the same dad with the same maxim, but after 15 years.

The thoughts went astray sans control. The sobs of the daughter brought the dad back to the track of reality. Before she knew the fact of failure the dad had knowledge about it. He was withholding it so that he could reveal it at an ideal time. Yes his daughter could not come out with success in the U.G. examinations. This was the first time that she had tasted the bitter pills of failure, that too at a decisive turning point of her life.She was confidant of a sure pass, but….
The failure had deeper agony as she had qualified for appointment as clerk in a nationalised bank.As a result awaiting candidate she too had applied for the post and passed the examination in flying colours. In order to get the job it was essential for her to produce the U.G. certificate.
‘Dear daughter’,the dad muttered, caressing her, ‘yes indeed, failures are pillars of success…You have failed in the U.G examinations now and as a result you are not to get the clerical job. You are born to become the Bank Probationary officer…that is why you have failed…You prepare for the P.O. examination and by the time you can take the supplementary U.G. examination…That will be cakewalk for you…’


I have been ill for more than one month.The illness was not ignited by a casual, abrupt exposure to microbes, conversely it had originated due to continual exposure to rainy waters. I have already alluded to my weakness of riding through the raindrops in an erstwhile post. From the very inception of the Monsoon season I was more than pleased to ride through raindrops on my Splendor Bike.The incessant society with constant rains, in the first instance, did some havoc with my health. It all started with nonstop sniffing, sneezing,watering through the nostrils…Despite this, I was not bothered to stop my riding through rains.

I went on happily with the rain and the subsequent bye-product of common cold for about a fortnight. I was deliberately heedless about the repeated coercion of my spouse to have medical examination in the local hospital. When my health fell to nadir I belatedly conceded to her appeal. The Doctor was our family friend. He after a close check-up and glancing through the lab results, spoke out, ” Mohan, you have Pneumonia. You need intravenous antibiotic, a full course…You will have to stay here at least for five days.” Those words gave chilling tremors in my spine. I was intolerant to hospital life. Home was haven for me. In a low but determined voice I asked, “sir, I will turn up for taking injections…but I cannot stay here…” The Doctor seemed to lose his temper, “yes, you can go, but that will be the end of you”. There I had to surrender. I was there in the hospital for five long days swallowing the bitter pills.In the daily rounds he used to enquire about the intensity of the cough… But I had always to tell him that I had no such fits of cough at all! In the afternoon rounds It would be the turn of yet another Doctor.Both of them are post graduates too.

I had a feeling of a Prisoner about to be freed after the term of imprisonment on the day of my discharge. The elderly Doctor put the stethoscope on my chest and told”Oh you re fortunate that you came to me in time…Now you are ok. You may go home. Take rest for two more days”I was morose to hear that I needed to take rest for two more days… It is because I wanted to go to my workplace at the earliest. There nobody would be bothered about my illness. The pending work looked colossal to my mind.
Next day to my unpleasant surprise, I found myself in a deteriorating plight. There were all sorts of pain from every part of my body where blood was flowing through the veins. I waited another day… The pain and surrounding hardships worsened. Unmindful of all I set out to my office.On the way I almost fainted. I felt sick. The return journey by bus was miserable. Next day too the happenings of the previous day reiterated with increased intensity.

I was not this time to give my body in sacrifice at the altar of an Modern Medicine. I had to turn down the requests of all my close relatives and friends.I had had severe headache, body pain, congested chest, lack of hunger and what not! I was determined not to go for another course of antibiotic. At last, owing to the sharp and excruciating pain in every muscle I took the decision to consult a Homeopathic Doctor of my neighbourhood. He, however, did not intimidate me the deteriorating condition of my health. Seeing his easy ways my confidence enhanced.Till that moment I had never held homeopaths in high esteem. He took his own time in mixing the medicine. I was not examined physically. He had put medicine in infinitesimal quantity. I always had the misgiving if the miniscule could make any effect on human body.I was in a quandary.Anyhow, I in cold blood drove away all the qualms or misgivings from my mind… I needed to pay just 45 rupees.( Earlier for the five day hospital stay I had to pay 6000 rupees with no avail except the side effects of antibiotics…). There was no improvement of my health by leaps and bounds… Still there was recuperation,slowly but surely… Now I am happily writing this post….

Post script : From the above discourse I do firmly feel that there is worth in every system of medical profession. Let us have a composite, wholistic, need-based, balanced approach to get the appropriate medical treatment the patient really needs and deserves…. The Indian Government is making the right move… The Government is about to launch Excellence Centers in AIIMS all over the nation by combining the three systems of Medical treatment, namely, Modern Medicine, Ayurveda and Homeopathy.


I am alone, all alone, right now.The silence is intriguing and instills and impels me to the moods of irrepressible, inspiring solitude.Whatever I have written hitherto,if readable, is so exclusively thanks to the ambiance wherein the raw material was put to the ordeal of recollection. The emotions of yonder days are beaten upon the anvil of the silent solitude. The seed, therefore, is the emotions, experiences ; terrain the sensitive, receptive mind excited, stimulated by the mood created by the solitude of silence. The seed or the terrain, which one is more indispensable in creativity is an enigma. Any creation is possible only through the mating of opposites. Here the seed is mating with the terrain to realize the painful birth of …of what? Of the creative output, the oeuvre.The question of importance is immaterial since the mating partners are opposites and unique. Once the mating takes place the creation is bound to come out at an appointed time.
The routine habit of writing has dwindled owing to the lesser experiments of the mind with the solitude of silence.Of late Life has been busy with other preoccupations. Little time has been there for me to enjoy the freshness of homely silence. While saying so I earnestly think that it is a matter of priorities rather than a case of hopelessness arising from want of time. Writing is a process which once stopped, is thorny to resume. The pen stops and starts…Papers torn off…words deleted.Only to learn later that the torn off pages, deleted words would have been better than the refreshed substitutes. The lesson learned is that whatever first is uncontaminated and chaste virgin, more life-like and imaginative. The latter refreshments, embellishments mere painted prostitutes.The bloody smell of life is there in the original one recreated in the solitude of silence….The artificial smell of rouge will be there on the latter.
Solitude is apparently/innately associated with silence.The air of loneliness incites a human mind to imagine, do things which he might not think or do in public and in the company of others. As for me the solitude is a blessing in the sense that I can open the eyes of my mind, masticate emotions and past experiences.Yes I can recreate fro these raw materials harnessing the silence. Now I can hear only the chirps of birds or the rhythmic music of raindrops.Even the drop of a pin may have volumes to speak.It is like pebbles thrown on still waters.The ripples on still waters will be far-reaching. Similarly the sound of a pin-drop….

The silence of solitude can be harnessed positively or negatively depending on the nature of the person. What is positive or negative is a matter of opinion and not certitude. In other words, it is a relative moral question.It is true to say one man’s morality may be another man’s immorality.It is said morality originates from lack of opportunity. If I criticise my friend for committing incest it may sometimes be due to my envy to him for not getting the same opportunity. When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman!
Hence Silence of Loneliness can lead you to two paths;Nay,three Paths…You are on the cross-roads. The right one to the puritan ways;the left one the wayward, unruly ways and the straight one to the destination where right and wrong are irrelevant and indistinguishable. Where one need not be frightened about consequences. nonconformity, incongruities, noncompliance, qualms and scruples.Where you are your master. Silence of loneliness is the real litmus test on your moral courage… ( for the chicken-hearted it is a test of physical courage too). The courage which is in you in cold blood is called moral courage. The courage of the physique irrespective of scruples is physical courage.The silence of loneliness is inviting to fall into the pitfalls…Your physical courage beckoning you to the glitter, glamour of sensuousness….on the contrary the moral courage holding you back…..

The privacy of solitude, its silence is all the more conducive to immorality if it is dark, pitch dark…Yap, darkness adds more fire to the boiling oil of emotions…The safety of the darkness,the silence, the solitude are all subjective and slippery…. Keep aloof….There are hidden cameras all around. Beware ! You are not in a real world…you are in a virtual online world..The experiences here are virtual and not really real…You are watched, you are shot and you may even be booked.Hence I am a man who has taken the decision not to fall victim to the online internet traps. What I am, therefore, doing is that I am retelling my own experiences,and the experiences of others in my posts, with a pinch of lie and a punch of imagination by making the most of the rare silence of solitude.


Last night it was raining cats and dogs.The power went out,instantly as the first drops of lashing rain had touched the arid earth. The thunder, the lightning, the heavily noisy rain all gave a shiver in my spine. I was soon there groping in the pitch darkness of the small hours.Despite being a sensible, reasonable,mature person of early fifties, I feverishly began to gasp, fret, panic. The whole wisdom of age had no say to hold my mind on restraint.I could hardly find where I was groping and to what direction should I turn to get the inverter.In the attempt to put the power alternative my head had collided heavily against the wall…I did not scream so that there shall not be disturbance to others who were fast asleep. I forsake my attempt to get to the inverter.
I went upstairs. I opened the doors of the room where my two daughters lay. I got nearer to the cot. My shaky hands hastily reached for the hands of the little cherubs.There were no hands to meet mine.I murmured in a hushed up, husky voice, trying to wake them up. There were none to respond to… I was sweating and I feared I would faint.I tried to lie there on the cot.The lights were on abruptly and I found myself totally upset, annoyed without exactly knowing what had really happened.Where had gone my life’s blood, the price of my life, my two daughters, for a while I was confounded and nonplussed.
By the time, I was interfered with the sleepy voice of my spouse,’where have you gone during this midnight hour?’Shuddered and almost unconsciously I enquired,’where had gone our Arya and Surya? They are not there in their rooms !’ She retorted with impatience. discontent, ‘please come back. What had happened to you…Arya is in Bangalore and Surya has gone to Ernakulam for GATE coaching’.
Yes, everything had come back to my mind.Slowly,painfully I went back to my bed.A sea of emotions was waving through my mind. The fear of separation, the fear of safety of my offspring when they are away, all these have been eating into my frail mind during most of my rest time, especially as I am there in bed trying hard for the embrace of a sound sleep.( Sometimes the ‘sound sleep’ of my spouse use to really upset my peaceful sleep.) But I know mind does not like effort.Mind likes effortlessness. It is hard truth that at hard times mind cannot be effortless.
The night’s lesson taught me the inevitability of separation.Separations can be short-lived or eternal.Either way separations are inevitable in life…Let us come to terms with the reality of separations….Try to live in the present moment. Nay ! I can’t…It is easy to exhort and advise others to be practical…but when it comes to our own issues we cannot just write off things as easily as we use to advise others.
Living dangerously under the bad clutches of separations will certainly make life dull and blunt…All our ambitions will wither away, vanish at the very thought of separations in life. Time shall be allowed to take its toll from life as Time itself would heal all the wound, repair all the loss. All I can hope and pray is that where ever my daughters are they should be living happily as my happiness is correlated to their happiness.

I Wish Modi the Very Best !

Is there any uncorrupted Indian political leader in today’s Indian politics ? Is there any leader who has wedded himself with the exclusive well-being of the little man. Is there any other state which is more developed than Gujrat? Yes, who can claim a cleaner image than Mr. Modi ?
What wrong has he done? One can say that he had connived at the Hindu atrocities over the Muslims in Gujrat. But one also has to concede the Godhra tragedy wherein Hindus were charred to death by Muslims. The reaction was instantaneous and spontaneous. The administration had tried to contain the mobocracy. The indignation of the people was beyond the intervention of the police… And lo ! Mr.Modi was new to the job. He might have faltered a bit due to the pressure of the context.
Is it just to ask him to make apology for something he had not done. An apology amounts to accepting or admitting the false allegation. One has to mind the peaceful times in Gujrat from 2002 onwards. It is not the peace of the grave, It is the peace of development, growth, prosperity, affluence and harmony. Can you see such an ambiance conducive to investment anywhere in India? The support of Muslims and Christians to Modi in Gujrat is testimony to his good governance.The Congress and the U.P.A are frightened to see the growth of Mr. Modi. They are trying to flare up communalism yet again by falsely implicating Mr. Modi in the riots of 2002… The Congress is conveniently hiding its involvement in the communal riots in which hundreds of innocent Sikh people had lost their lives, soon after the Murder of Mrs.Indira Gandhi.
The Godhra carnage may be an aftermath of Ayodhya demolition.One should not forget that there would not have been the demolition without the Congress Government’s nonintervention and inaction.

I hold my support to his prime-ministerial candidature since only he and B.J.P. can see people as people.. The Congress can see people only as minority and majority.Indian exchequer is emptied due to minority protection schemes.That is why India is impoverished. In return what do the minorities do for their country. A few of them make money, by hook or crook…through the education industry, black money, fake currency, terrorism, missionary charity. Only a determined leader can make the home tidy, free from crimes and injustice.
Modi is a pragmatist and not an armchair philosopher. He is capable of converting his dreams into reality.He draws inspiration from people. His fearlessness has drawn sustenance from Sanatana Dharma of ancient Indian moorings.

The Congress is trying every venomous weapon in the armory to smother the Modi wave. The projection of the Opinion polls favours the NDA. The Congress is mad. It is spitting communal poison to stop Modi in vain. All the other leaders and Parties fear Modi because once he assumes the power he will wield it for more than one term. He has got the knack and resourcefulness to do so as he has shown it in Gujrat. He is feared by state parties because he is not a puppet or weakling like Manmohan. He will not tolerate corruption. There will be equality and equitable distribution of resources among the states and the people. Hence I exhort people to leave communal bigotry to vote for NDA as there is no other choice which can treat people as people. Only it can control price rise, uproot corruption. The Congress, like a mad stray dog, is barking in sheer helplessness.Never lend your ear to its cries of secularism since its secularism is but a fake….it is a trump card for them to win votes. From the recent dirt-slinging and character assassination by the Congress it has become clear that the Congress is shuddering to think of a time sans power. The fear of its disintegration in the absence of power has sent shivers to the minds of the Congress leaders who have been smeared with the blemish of corruption.Power for them is but resumption of its corrupt governance…and sans power the leaders of the Congress will be facing investigations! If we give one more term to Congress we will be in utter poverty due to price-hike and corruption.Remember! once we vote Congress to power we cannot remove them from power for the next five years.Try to remember the days of their misrule. Just go through the newspapers of the last three years. If you do so you will not vote for Congress.
We have given ten long years to Congress… It has only aggravated the problems and tribulations.What it has not achieved by ten years cannot be achieved by it in the next five years. Let us now give one term to NDA.The Samaj Party leaders have insulted womanhood and the Indian Army. They are affecting as champions for the cause of Muslim protection. Actually Muslims are only vote-bank for them… Let the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh be vary of this hidden agenda of the S.P. as U.P holds the key to open the corridors of Power.By voting NDA to power all the corruption, price-hike will be alleviated to some extent.