Statutory Warning!

Statutory Warning!

I was awaiting the digital announcement in the LED light box for the final call to board the Jet Air bound for Kuwait, at the ChatrapatiShivaji International Airport in Mumbai, which was scheduled to depart at 5.55 pm on 10th April, 2016. I had undergone the emigration procedure and checking in time. I had no stress to board the plane bound to Kuwait where I am deputed by my office to conduct examinations. The announcement flashed in digital lights and I shot up and joined the queue, in no time. The airport was in silent mode to reduce sound pollution. To my surprise I found myself the last one in the queue, despite all my vigilance.

We all moved slowly to the Jet Air and climbed up into the craft. It was quite a big one. There were small T.V’s (or Tabs?) in front of every seat. As usual the crew members, one male and the other female, beautifully and graciously performed their safety demonstration. I fastened the seat belt as the plane was about to take off. For the first time I was to travel beyond the barriers of my mother India. I saw the mansions, the skyward flats, and the slums beneath…The hell and the heaven mixed up….The beauty and ugliness of Mumbai was visible from the heights. The urban scenes gave way to blue waters. Yes, I was over the seas and I need just cross over it to reach the Gulf. The plane took a firm forward punch. The altitude was shown as above 10 K.M. The temperature was around minus fifty. All this was quite new  knowledge to me.

The plane appeared to have settled in regard to its altitude. It flashed fast, though it appeared motionless. I saw clouds moving past me. The earth with its greenery and waters was not visible to our naked eyes. The crew seemed in a hurry to finish their work early…A bonny, long, lean lass came through the alley, serving food. I just made a survey of the two passengers who had sat on my either side. The one on the left seemed to me having the mannerisms of a Keralite. To verify my surmise I asked him where he was from. His reply was in Trissur Malayalam. “ Sir, I am from Mala and my name is Biju”. Without any further introduction he asked me if I would take liquor. I said,” Once in a bluemoon, Yes…” “Sir, The girl serves liquor to passengers, Smirnoff, sir, Smirnoff!” he said. He went on to ask me if I was not taking liquor let him have my share too. On this I had my mind taking a U-turn. Though I was really not prepared to consume liquor, I began to rethink as and when he had asked for my share. I was not to let him have my share. “Nay man, I too want a peg”, I said. He helped me with getting the liquor with sprite. For the second time he went upto the crew girl with request for another peg…He had one peg in my name too. I gave him half of my second peg. I just drank it up in one motion…Mind my friends, I was without food quite for a long time. The liquor had begun to show its character. I was in hilarious mood. I and Biju began to talk louder. We shared our views; we had become friends as if of very long acquaintance. I was still sober to realize that liquor was the real socialist who had the power to merge gaps and inequalities in society. Had I and Biju remained there sans taking liquor, we would have kept our tongue-tied till the very end of the journey.

After liquor we were supplied with many other delicious dishes, the tastes of them were not felt exactly… There were the dessert, the salad of fruits and vegetables and beverages too. The liquor, the food, the Air Condition all had caused my brains to take a blissful sojourn in the lap of nap. The announcement for landing precautions roused me from the slumber. The plane touched the land with a big roaring din. I am about to land on a foreign land for the first time in my life! Immediately on arrival I went upto the queue to collect my luggage. I was there for one hour to reach the counter. When I reached there I was told to first get my VISA first. I went to collect the VISA and I got it stamped for immigration by the Kuwaity authorities. I had many doubts in my mind. Hesitantly I asked the Kuwaity woman in the counter regarding the next steps. The woman looked up with scorn and I think she had softly muttered, “out”. I had the first incident of humiliation on a foreign soil. I felt the same feeling as Gandhiji had felt at the Pretoria railway station when he was thrown out from the train because of being an Indian, a coloured man. For getting my luggage I had again to stand in the queue for yet another hour. By the time Mr. Tanveer who had come to the Airport got upset for not having any word from me. My friend Hareesh also was there.

I went out of the Airport which was never a match to the one in Mumbai. MrTanveer and Harish were together awaiting me and were relieved to see me. Harish gave me 100 Kuwaiti Dinar for incidental expenses as I had only Indian currency with me. I and Harish bade adieu with promise to meet in week-end. I went with Tanveer by car to my lodgings. As soon as I reached the room I had rushed into the bathroom to vomit whatever I had taken in the plane. The salad, the rice, the dessert, the beverages all went out. I thought I would die as never had I in my life vomited. As for me vomiting seemed impossibility prior to this. I vomited and vomited till nothing remained in my stomach. The nausea was there still. I was curious to see Mr. Tanveer off. He went out in confusion. I was relieved that now I could vomit unseen and unnoticed… Again and again I vomited. I felt penitent for taking the one and a half peg of Smirnoff. I could have given that to Biju. I did not give it to him maybe because I had a feeling that it was my rightful due and that I should not part with that. I was also learning from this experience that whatever was given for free or on discount should not be taken for granted unless and until I really was in need of it. The liquor alone might not have led to this plight; there could be other reasons too…

From the above narration you are not to have the misconception that I drink occasionally. Of course I do not drink occasionally. I drink only once in a blue moon! By this bitter experience with liquor I am further gone farther from liquor. The warning, ’liquor is injurious to health’ is not merely letters of ritualistic, statutory character; conversely it is literally true that liquor is really injurious to health. I am looking forward to a world sans liquor… Intoxication has to really come from within, from one’s own inner self, as everybody has the innate potential to experience the Spiritual Intoxication. You need just to allow the mind to avail the time for fermentation with patience. You will be rewarded.



I have been living in my village, Thalappulam, for quite a long time. I have never come across in my life-time with the instant bizarre scenario of uncontrolled epidemics. As I had narrated in my erstwhile posts relating to the simple and pure living of my hamlet I am not here to repeat the same. Yes my village has unpolluted Aedeus mosquitoes. This humming fly infects humans with dengue Fever by biting them in the morning and evening as well. In addition to dengue there are other viral epidemics too rampant in my hamlet.People are getting trapped in the net set by mosquitoes.

Everyone of my village has a notion that mosquitoes will not bite him/her…that it will bite only others. This is human psychology and conduct as he unfailingly thinks that accidents are just for others.Everyone is sympathetic to the affected ones feeling relief for not being affected. But everyone so hoped so is getting trapped in the net set by mosquitoes. I expect myself to be affected by the fever sooner or later for i have often been bitten by mosquitoes every now and then.

I have almost every house around me under the cruel clutches of dengue. In the outset everyone used to hold it as fatal but as time of its increased intervention has made all a bit relaxed everyone is getting resigned to the harsh reality.Everyone has learnt to see things with a balanced mind.

As there are too many patients in my neighbourhood I find it impossible to visit everyone in the hospital or home. A few days back I did go to see a neighbouring patient in the Kottayam Medical College, where she was admitted in Ward No. 24, where patients with infectious diseased were treated. I was stunned to see all types of patients suffering from hepatitis, dengue, chicken pox, etc., were bundled together. Their bystanders were content with a slot beneath the patients’ cot. A patient who comes with one epidemic will go with another. The bystanders have no choice of selection. It depends on the variety of mosquito which is to bite him.

Despite all the inconvenience in the Government Medical college, it is safer than a private five star hospital. In the former there the patients need not have to swallow unwanted and harmful tablets or undergo unnecessary lab tests. It is cheaper therefore. While in private hospitals they give medicines which are totally unwanted, from antibiotics to painkillers. As a corollary the patients develop chronic lever, kidney problems. (We all know that a viral disease cannot be cured with antibiotics).
The reason for the spread of this disease my hamlet may be due to rubber plants. Fresh water is allowed to store for days in the cups in which latex is collected. This source of fresh water in the cups kept attached to each and every rubber tree is causing concern. I, the other day, did remove water from every such cup. Still there are mosquitoes everywhere… Kochi where we have polluted water need not fear dengue, though my pure village which has no polluted water has to fear dengue.
The hype attached to dengue is not justified since it is not as deadly as it has been advertised. The infection will lose its grip slowly within a span of one week, even without medication. Blood transfusion is needed only if the count goes beneath 50000. Panic will only lead to escalation.
We, in this context, have to refurbish our knowledge about practice of age-old natural medication under Ayurveda. The juice of tender papaya leaves is an effective medication to enhance the count of white blood corpuscles and platelets.
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This weak gum of mine makes a hell out of my otherwise heavenly life. It is fragile, frail and delicate. A dentist was only a stranger to me till 2010. I had gone to dentists with others to treat their ailments. I had a private, swollen pride about my healthy teeth… I used to stealthily insult those who had tooth-ache, showing my teeth.

I remember the days of my childhood when I never had obeyed the commands of my mom to brush the teeth before breakfast. I don’t think that my milky teeth were ever pulled out in time. Some of them may be still there within my mouth even today. I was a coward when it came to the issue of uprooting the teeth. The issue remains the same till now. Yes I am afraid of the dentist.. I have seen him pulling out teeth with all his might as if he were pulling out or uprooting tapioca from the soil. The sight was frightening to me… The fear continues …. Now my teeth are aching and I have to meet a dentist.

All this not because my teeth are weak but because my gum is weak. It cannot support the healthy teeth. Whenever the gum turns weaker due to exposure to cold or chilled drinks or food the teeth begin to swing within a day. If a tooth once shows symptoms of a bit of slackening from the grip of the gum it is doomed to come out of its groove, sooner than later. There is no pain, of course there is some gain.. The loose tooth will come out of its own without the mighty intervention of the dentist. It may even go with the food into the stomach, unawares.

Dear reader, I am now a bit relieved from the biting pain thanks to the gurgling of salt water and the application of some other medication recommended and prepared by my wife. I have respect for her in possessing such enviable, simple and essential knowledge (naatarivu)through which any illness of ordinary nature could be cured, cured at least temporarily. It is the confidence of her words that instills in the patient a self-belief of curability of the medication. I am often witness to her being taking the role of a physician when she prescribes local pachamarunnu ingredients to my in-laws with an uncanny knack. Her brothers and their children usually consult with my wife when they are confronted with a crisis. The authoritative answer or solution quipped by her is very often enough to remove the air of diffidence in their minds. I am a bit jealous to her for having such an affectionate bond with her relatives.

I think she is a phenomenon in many other respects. She is toiling and moiling every moment of her life. She is labouring under the vice of workaholism. She cannot sit or stand without doing anything even for a minute. Her health is falling down. I had even a suspicion about two three years back whether she had developed some growth on breast.The cheif Surgeon at Medical College, Kottayam wrote off the fear summarily at the first examination itself. The nother day we had again the same fear. WE went to a physician and it was again confirmed that there was nothing to be worried about it. Still there is cause of some worry as her HB level is as low as 8.This may be the reason why she is looking tired and restless.

In this I consider myself luckier to be born as a male, for a woman has often to lead a miserable life in our place and elsewhere. The tiring periods, the painful delivery, caring of hus and children, all the domestic work and her professional work. Above all the discrimination she has to confront in society. Now the modern risk of being susceptible to Cancer on uterus and breast has aggravated her plight.A woman removed off her uterus is lost her identity as a woman. Her all enthusiasm takes a downfall. Her life,even the sexual life may become unenthusiastic. It is like writing with the unused small finger injured. One can write easily without the last finger. If the unused finger is injured we feel uneasy to write. Similarly a woman devoid of uterus may find it uneasy to keep her husband and herself happy on bed as she used to prior to the removal of the uterus.


Yoga, a panacea for ills, of mind and body
Not a boon when done without knowledge full
As knowledge half is dangerous,worse than ignorance,
Makes the youth more agile and active
And the old and middle-aged more youthful!
Relieving all from ill-health born of mind or body.
Me standing reverently and in wonderment, paying respects
To the Seers fore, awefully saluting in fulfillment!


I felt a bit frail in the forenoon of last wednesday, that is,6thof july 2011. Still I managed the work at the office as usual. By afternoon the back-pain became acute and there was headache too. I got home at the regular time. Went to bed forthwith. Did not take supper, instead I took Paracetamol and Avil of high dose. I quickly fell into deep sleep. In the sleep I had visions of my office.. I was in the Valuation camp, surrounded by my colleagues… all of them working and I am not… due to complete physical incapacity. There were a chain of other interesting and intreaging sequence of dreams thereafter.
I did not know the rising sun or the heavy rain. I knew that I shivered in pinching cold. I left the bed only to piss frequently. In the morning I took black coffee. The only taste I knew then was bitterness.Even the sugar tasted bitter.

Unlike my customary habit of resisting consultation with the physician, I went out to the local Hospital with my wife.There I was examined thoroughly by Dr. Kurian, our family doctor.I have green memories of him giving treatment to my grand father. He was there to treat even my grandma. Now the doctor may be about 65… I have great admiration for him to render selfless service in a village like ours. He was almost like a xaviour to many of the poor villagers. He was almost like god to my dad , mom , brother and to me too. I am happy that he has not left his village for the glitter of wealth he would have got in other places. Even in the high fever mood I felt great respect for the veteran.. About two years back he had an attack of massive stroke and through constant , continuous and patient deliberate , positive effort he recuperated from the acute illness. Now it looks to me as if he had never been affected by such a mortal illness..He looked perfectly alright. He could move his limbs freely and his memory power as cute as ever. I wish a long healthy life to him so that the people of my humble village may continue to get the services of this great physician.

Thursday and Friday I had slept incessantly for hours. I might not have slept that much in any stage of my adulthood. I enjoyed the sound sleep, nay, I celebrated the illness by submitting myself to the goddess of Sleep and Oblivion. Saturday too no remarkable let-off. I did not leave the bed… I found it happier on the state of being bed-ridden. It was three days since I had bathed. Still I enjoyed, nay, I celebrated the laziness and ugliness of my illness. A kind of blessing in disguise situation ? I doubted whether I would come back to my erstwhile self!

The felicity and contentment of a sound sleep are indescribable. The four days of illness gave me the the golden opportunity to delve deep into the pool of sleep. I at times even desired not to come back to awakened state. I thought it better to be asleep than to be awake.

Sleep, as for me, resembled like a temporary death. Every night I die: every morn I have re-birth. I hope that the real death of mine will be like that. There can be a re-birth. The only differance is that after the temporary death, that is, sleep, one does not lose the faculty of recollection in the life after death.. In the case of the real death , the individual who comes into this world through re-birth is unable to recollect anything about his previous life.
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     I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs about my practice of doing Yoga in the early morning. From what I have learnt from the little experience, I have realised that Yoga is a great heritage of our great nation. The practice of it is in vogue in almost all western countries.
             Yoga has legacy of ancient traditions including Asana, Pranayama, and yogic cleaning procedure. IT emphasizes the fitness aspects of yoga, providing  with an incredible mind/body workout.

If you look odd in fitted clothes; If you feel fatigue or sleepy; If sometimes you tend to forget things; If you crave for little extra energy; If you are overweight or under weight; If you feel stressed with work; If you feel stiffness in your body; power yoga is the best thing for you to practice.



d3.gif Ardha-Matsyendrasan
d3.gif Sarvangasan
d3.gif Halasan
d3.gif Pavan-Muktasan
d3.gif Matsyasan
d3.gif Bhujangasan
d3.gif Dhanurasan
d3.gif Chakrasan
d3.gif Bhadrasan
d3.gif Mayurasan
d3.gif Vajrasan
d3.gif Paad Pashchimottanasan


Yogasanasa – Yoga Exercises

Time: 2 minutes each side.
Method: Bend left knee, place left foot under right hip. Bend right knee, place right foot on left side of left knee. Hold left knee or right foot with the left hand – keep right knee on the left of left arm. Turn tunk to right, look back over right shoulder, right hand on ground or on waist as close to left thigh as possible.

    Repeat with left knee bent and trunk turning to left.

Note: You may also hold hold hands through the gap below the raised knee.

Benefits: Increase the elasticity of the spine, and massage the abdomen and internal organs
Yogasanasa – Yoga Exercises
Time: 2 minutes

  • Lie on your back, arms alongside. Raise both legs together – taking support of hands on the hips and the elbows on the ground.
  • Straighten the body – feet, knees, hips and back form one vertical column from the base of the neck to the tip of the toes, feet stretched, toes pointed, chin pressed against the chest.
  • Normal breathing.
  • Lie on your back, arms alongside.
  • Raise both legs together – taking support of hands on the hips and the elbows on the ground.
  • Straighten the body – feet, knees, hips and back form one vertical column from the base of the neck to the tip of the toes, feet stretched, toes pointed, chin pressed against the chest.
  • Normal breathing.
Benefits: Promotes healthy secretion of the circulatory, respiratory, alimentary and genito-urinary systems. Keeps the spine flexible preventing the bones from early ossification. Supplies large quantity of blood to the spinal roots of the nerves, thereby giving them sufficient nourishment.

Time: 2 minutes

  • Lie on your back, arms alongside.
  • Raise legs an in Sarvangasan (you may take help of hands on the hips), then lower them overhead, knees straight, ankles stretched, toes pointed and touching the ground.
  • Arms stay on ground as in the beginning, palms on the ground.
  • The posture resembles the shape of a plough.
Benefits: Makes the spine flexible, creates energy, and blood of the muscles of the back. Aids the functioning of the thyroid and thymus glands thus helping retain the individual’s youthful physical characteristics for a longer period.

Time: 1/2 minute each leg

  • Lie down on your back.
  • Breath in.
  • Then fold the left leg from the knees.
  • Hold the fingers together and bring the folded leg to touch the stomach.
  • Lift the head and touch the nose to the knee. The other leg remains straight. Hold the breath.
  • Come to original position and leave the breath.
  • Follow the same for the other leg.
  • NOTE: This asan can also be done with both the knees folded.
Benefits: Removes gas from the abdomen and reduces abdominal fat. Increases the flexibility of the knees and hips.


Time: 1/2 minute

  • Sit with legs an in Padmasan – knees bent, feet on opposite thighs, heels towards the abdomen.
  • Lie on your back. Placing hands near the head for support
  • Lift your back above the ground, keep the top of your head on the ground over a padded surface, e.g., a towel.
  • Keep your hands an your feet.
  • Normal breathing.
Benefits: Makes the neck flexible and strong, increases the size of the rib cage, widens the windpipe and thus helps deep breathing. Relieves the neck after Sarvangasan.
Time: 1/2 minute

  • Lie on your stomach, forehead on the ground, hands under shoulders.
  • Raise your upper body by the strength of the back muscles, head up.
  • Don’t take help of the hands, they may remain on the ground or held on the back over the hips.
Benefits: Helps in keeping the dorsal spine elastic and strong. Backache due to overstrain can be thus relieved. Helps considerably in reducing abdominal fat. 
Time: 1/2 minute

  • Lie on your stomach.
  • Bend knees, hold the ankles.
  • Pull your hands and push with your legs, knees together, till the trunk forms an arch with only the stomach on the ground.
  • Look up.
  • After releasing the posture lie for a while in Shavasan.
Benefits: Reduces abdominal fat. The compressing of the spinal column, pressing the nerves with the scapulae (the winged bones at the back attached to the arms) minimizes blood circulation while in the asan. But when the pose is released a greater supply of blood is endured to those very regions increasing spinal flexibility and definitely raising the vitality.
Time: 1/2 minute

  • Lie on your back.
  • Bend knees, place feet apart and close to hips, place hands overhead, palms besides ears and shoulders.
  • Push with hands and, without moving feet, raise trunk as high as possible to curve the back into an arch.
  • Look on the ground between the hands.
Benefits: Builds a flexible back, stimulates the nerves of the spine. One of the powerful back bending postures.
Time: 2 minutes

  • Sit holding feet together, heels as close to body as possible
  • Head up, chin down
  • Normal breathing. 
Benefits: Specially recommended for those suffering from urinary disorder. The pelvis, the abdomen and the back get stimulated through a plentiful supply of blood. Keeps the kidneys, the prostate and the bladder healthy.
Time: 1/2 minutes

Time: 2 minutes

  • Sit on your heels.
  • Hands on knees, abdomen drawn in, chest up, back straight, shoulders squared, head erect.
  • Normal breathing.
Benefits: Aids digestion and helps cure sciatica.
Time: 2 minutes

  • Lie on your back, legs straight, arms overhead, hands together, palms facing up.
  • Sit up, take hands overhead, back straight,
  • Then bend forward to hold the big toes, head between arms and touching the knees.
Benefits: Reduces abdominal fat. Removes wind from the intestines and increases appetite.


Here are the basic distinctions between Yoga and a Fitness Program.



Distinction between yoga and other fitness programs

Other Fitness Programs


1. Other fitness programs are goal oriented.

1. Yoga is a complete process in itself.
2. It gives only physical Exercise to the body.

2. Yoga improves the physical, mental and emotional health up to the level of spirit.

3. Focus on completing daily target.

3. Focuses on what you are doing and how you feel as you perform the postures.

4. Fitness programs are predominantly competitive in nature.

4. Yoga sessions are non-competitive and only use the individual capacity to revitalize the body, mind and soul.

5. Concentrate on physical exertion.

5. Gentle with Concentration on physical relaxation.

6. You fail if you do not meet your daily goals.

6. In Yoga, you succeed by doing.

7. Weight training makes you stronger by breaking down and rebuilding muscle tissue, thus it gives a bulky look.

7. Yoga increases Health as well as enhances muscle strength by toning them.

8. Fitness programs may leave you feeling tired and burnt out.

8. Yoga sessions leave you feeling rejuvenated & refreshed.

 SOME   BASIC    BENEFITS :                                                                                                                                                                                                                               It generates energy.

             Increases strength, stamina and fitness level.

  1. Tone up the body and keep you slim, trim and fit.

  2. Rejuvenate your body.

  3. Manage your stress and anger.

  4. Generates energy.

  5. Helps you to manage pain, heal common ailments, and promote your overall well being.

  6. Keep the body and the mind relaxed, even as you stretch, extend, rotate, and flex your body.

  7. Positively penetrate each layer of the body and, ultimately the consciousness itself.

  8. It helps to keep the nervous system elastic and capable of bearing stress.

  9. It is both therapeutic and preventive in nature.

  10. The benefits are cumulative over time.