Accidents are for others, so thought I.

As I had had driven kilometers two hundred thousand,

I had had bike-rides kilometers two hundred thousand.

Yes, I know now that accidents are not just for others!
As always, it has come  unexpectedly.
The cause not mine, the effect totally against me!
The damaged vehicle, the incredible escape,
Sans injuries personal, though money lost,
It is not tragedy, as the episode ending happily!
Yes, accidents are eye openers in many respects. The seat belt helped me from fatal injuries. I have begun using helmet on bike after this…
But I had
met death in closeness…
But had no time to fear or think about death…No stress, no concerns, no complaints, no frightening anticipation. Unawares, unseen, uninformed it falls…it is not as fierce as we often fear…it comes to pass off quietly, without our intelligent involvements. Brain stops a while to unknown inaction. If our very life is taken, we would never have time to make a cry or complaint. It is fraction of a second.It is too quick to make a thoughtful decision,
Had I died then, I needed not to have painfully awaited the  death….on a later day…
I was happier to die then, but not because of despair, but because I could have met with an easier death…Now I fear about a classical death in the extreme old age, sans



eyes, sans ears, sans help, sans love….
Yes if death strokes me now I am all the happier to sleep!
But the wish for death never due to world-weariness….but because of the fear of a long bedridden period and all its grotesque incongruities….


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