I’m a beneficiary of this gift of our ancient heritage…

The richness of the bliss handed down by the sage

Made invisible to us by those who kept us in seige

 The Great Man Modiji has regained  our lost visage!

He helps us recover our lost lustre in history page!

The great United Nations was made to cheer Yoga

 Dear Modi could make twenty first July Day of Yoga!

The insu!ts of seculars offset  with pride of Yoga!



mohana's space



2 minutes each side.
Bend left knee, place left foot under right hip. Bend right knee, place right foot on left side of left knee. Hold left knee or right foot with the left hand – keep right knee on the left of left arm. Turn tunk to right, look back over right shoulder, right hand on ground or on waist as close to left thigh as possible.

    Repeat with left knee bent and trunk turning to left.

You may also hold hold hands through the gap below the raised knee.

Increase the elasticity of the spine, and massage the abdomen and internal organs
2 minutes
Promotes healthy secretion of the circulatory, respiratory, alimentary and genito-urinary systems. Keeps the spine flexible preventing the bones from early ossification. Supplies large quantity of blood to the spinal roots of the nerves, thereby giving them…

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