There was a time when I had great admiration for my body. As years pass by the admiration is dwindling via-a-vis the ageing process.I am trying to minimize the body-damage consequent on through application of cosmetics.I understand that cosmetics have limits! I, though, had immense appreciation for almost all parts of the body, I have been ignoring my teeth. Nowadays everyone is meticulously attentive to his/her teeth. The cosmetic side of tooth-care is now a business of high return. To speak the truth, in my childhood days I had no practice of brushing in the morning prior to breakfast. There was none to chide me to the track of daily routine and etiquette. I was my own guide. I had had a freedom which none of my friends had ever enjoyed. In spite of the freedom I was not taken to really bad ways except that I did not brush, I did not care to do copy-writing, home-work…The result- my teeth are almost gone out of repair; my handwriting is miserable in looks.
Am I a loser or a winner, as a result of the freedom I have been enjoying from my early childhood days? I think that I have gained a lot rather than lost a lot.Nonetheless the tooth problem is biting me to the core. Had I known the repercussions of not brushing properly in time I might not have come up with such an awkward plight.I am penitent. In those days there was no dentist to pull the milk-teeth. My grandma was an expert in that trade. She with uncanny knack used to pull out the teeth of all other children, but not mine as she loved me too much to uproot my teeth. Hence I was a spoilt child by the love of my Grandma, mom, etc.
In one of my early posts I have dealt with an episode where I had met with the accident of swallowing a tooth alongwith the food. I have, till date, no idea where the tooth had gone…one thing is sure, that it has not hitherto come out through any of the body outlets.Dear my friends, I am now penitent and even conscious about the need of tooth-care from the very early days of childhood.
The consequence of ignoring the teeth got manifest as tooth fall. The first one fell about a decade ago.I remember that day…a tooth on the left cheek was swinging loose for some days.It came out from the gum with ease and without pain…but there was pain within.There was no bleeding either. The tooth-fall did not stop there. One after the other the tooth began to fall after showing the ritualistic symptoms at regular intervals. Incapable of coming to terms with the reality I used to keep every such tooth in some secret corner of my house, in the hope that some Dentist would later put all the teeth together in my mouth to regain my early looks.
Lo! Dear ! The sect called Dentists causes a trembling in my mind reaching out the spines. All the wretchedness has been due to my trepidation of dentists and their tools. Had I gone to a dentist when I had had my first tooth-fall I could have delayed the onslaught. The situation is alarming now. The broad one in the front is facing decay..there are symptoms…once the symptoms are there it is definite that the tooth will fall within the given period. I am undone if my front teeth is gone off as it is my stamp, it gives shape to my face…if it is gone I will be another person. My broad teeth in the front is about to perish…it is awaiting death like a cancer patient for whom death is a foregone conclusion. The next stage of my prominent teeth will be the dangling posture, which will be abominable to the onlooker… No cosmetics of all of Arabia can save me from this predicament.


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