While being pitted against other political leaders of his contemporary Mr. V.S.Achuthanandan is standing out as an exceptional phenomenon. I am preferring him to other CPM leaders thanks to his candidness, uprightness or outspokenness especially in reference to his right stance on corruption and other issues. He is the leader of the masses while others are living dangerously and strictly within the party complex. The miserable men are incapable of coming out of the party shells to embrace real leftist ideology.They cannot feel the pulse of the people outside the party cadre.

I am happy to see his gestures indicating his return to the party standpoint.But why has he taken the decisive turn? He may be well conscious about the outcome of his ant-party line during the snap polls during the testing times of the UDF government. He may be seeing the lurking danger lying ahead if he goes on taking an anti-party stance. Had he held a pro-RMP position that itself would have helped the UDF. Hence he retracted in order to forestall the danger of UDF gaining more seats that it actually deserves.
In addition he was well aware of the fact that the UDF has been taking undue mileage from the T.P Ramakrishnan Murder case. The UDF has been enjoying the fruits of V.S’ dissent with the Party echelons.He, therefore, took a U-Turn in coming to terms with the party ways. It is not surrender; he was stooping to conquer his enemy within and without.
The critics of V.S forget that he is almost 90. Is there any other leader who is so uncorrupt, so active at this advanced age!We criticize Gandhiji and Yesudas without knowing them…or just by reading the books or articles written against them…so we criticize V.S too.
Still I am not to predict the results of Kerala elections…It all depends on the votes polled for BJP…BJP will improve its vote share…but it is uncertain about the loss BJP would inflict…whether the Left or the Right will lose votes as a result of BJP’s gains….If the BJPgets majority of votes from LDF, the latter will be the loser and the UDF will be gaining…it is the other way if BJP can make inroads into UDF pockets. In some areas the LDF vote will go to BJP in certain other pockets it will be the other way. The improvement of the BJP votes is not due to vote purchase but because of real attitudinal changes… and the expectations of A Modi government.

The relevant contribution and role of V.S could be offset by the additional votes BJP may get this time from the erstwhile voters of LDF. To put in a nutshell, the gain of BJP may be the loss of LDF.The same situation is awaiting the UDF too in a smaller way, in a lesser degree.
( will continue )



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