The Clout of Habits.

Habit may be a recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behaviour that is acquired through frequent repetition.Those who know me really know the habits I am labouring under.My conduct is what I am expressing externally. In other words conduct is external behaviour. The behaviour can be unconscious or conscious.The behaviour if it is recurrent, unconscious and repetitive it may be styled as HABIT. But if a particular conduct is conscious in the beginning, through repetitive, recurrence could turn out a habit revealed unawares.Though I have begun many of my unattractive jerks for no reason I have now become an inescapable victim of them.
If a particular habit is harmful one may not be able easily to escape from it. On the contrary, if it is graceful one may find it difficult to stick on to it.Only conscious effort and practice can prolong it. This certainly proves that too often human minds stick to negatives.The habits which cast lasting impressions on a person are in effect the very NATURE of the individual.He has no escape from them…if some one can do that he is a world-winner. See Krishna exhorting Arjuna in Bhagavat Gita. He knows that Arjuna has a Nature which is itching for war. His mind is agitated only because he has to kill his own kith and kin. Krishna knows that as a Kshatriya,Arjuna cannot withhold his habit of waging war. But in the doubtful state of mind Arjuna’s gallantry will be negatively poised. Krishna hath delivered Gita to clear all the doubts from Arjuna’s mind so that he could wage war with a sober mind.
I have no Krishna here/now to recharge to clear my head of all doubts. Like everyone I too am a prisoner of my habits(Nature). If I sit at a place on a day I will naturally go to the same seat next day too.There are too may illustrations to prove the point.
About four years back I accidentally started writing posts in the BLOG. Later I decided to sit before the Laptop regularly at 7.30 am.I used to type for about half an hour. Slowly I got it in my head that writing too can come through repetitive forceful recurrence. Thus a habit is not born it is created. But all your habits are tethered to your NATURE. No one can go beyond the NATURE….The terrain can of course influence but it is defined or limited by the seed which is the NATURE in quintessence.
As mentioned afore, conduct is but external behaviour and character is what is internally there in one’s mind. Conduct or behaviour is what you are and what you do when everybody is watching you. Character is who you are and what you do when nobody is watching you.The graph showing the degree of hypocrisy is directly correlated to the size of the gap between Conduct and Character. If the conduct of one person is not corresponding to his character he is a hypocrite. Conduct is the husk and character, the essence…. the seed, the very Nature of things. An honest person’s conduct and character one and the same. His conduct is his character and his character is his conduct. His life is his message.


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